New FCC Paperwork Suggests Amazon Will Unveil 2 Kindles and a Kindle Fire Tomorrow

Amazon's media event is just over 24  hours away.  While we still don't know for sure what Amazon plans to unveil, I'm betting that it's going to be a new Kindle and a new Kindle Fire.

I've just found the FCC paperwork for another nondescript device. Like the last 2 sets of filings I posted (here, here), this one has all the interesting detail concealed. And like the others it leads back to CSC, a company that I believe was hired to front for Amazon.

Today's device is described as an "electronic display device", and like the other possible ereader this device has the model number EY21. All I know is that it has Wifi (b/g/n) and was tested with a headphone jack.

This means that we now have what could be a 3g equipped Kindle and a Wifi equipped Kindle. That sounds awfully similar to the current set up for the Kindle Touch and K3. Both of those Kindles come in 2 flavors, with the 3g option adding to the price. I'd say that Amazon plans to continue offering 2 similar devices at different price points.

If I'm right then this would tend to disprove the Cnet rumor from last Friday. Their sources reported that we would see 2 Kindles tomorrow, with one being a new device and the other being a revamped update of the original Kindle Fire. Like I said last week, the FCC paperwork didn't support that rumor.

But what does this device look like? I don't know, but I'm hoping that the leaked images for the Kindle Paperwhite turn out to be real. That would be a fun device to have, especially if it has an HD screen.

On a related note, I'm still expecting to see the dock for the Kindle Fire tomorrow as well. But in any case I will be on hand in Santa Monica to see what we shall see.


15 thoughts on “New FCC Paperwork Suggests Amazon Will Unveil 2 Kindles and a Kindle Fire Tomorrow

  1. I’m less excited about the devices being revealed as I am about new content deals and availability of that content through the Amazon Prime ecosystem. In the end, it’s about all of the content that the device enables you to consume, and less about hardware specs.

    The iPhone doesn’t have the greatest hardware on the market, but they have the content (apps), and that’s the main reason why they’re making a killing in the smartphone space.

    1. I think that you’re in the minority. Kindle owners already have content just a 1-click button away. Amazon’s press conference isn’t to change or restructure prime. It’s to unveil new devices.

      Your pov is simplistic. People care about both hardware and content. The iphone has great hardware, great user interface, and the content. On top of that is great brand recognition and loyalty. It’s not just one thing.

      And you might value content over all else, but that doesn’t mean that you have to consider everything else irrelevant. It’s not for everyone and it shouldn’t be for you either.

    1. Yes. Whoops.

      Note that the smartphone came before the Kindle Paperwhite leak. And TBH half the reason I suggested the smartphone was no one was posting about it. Everyone was talking Kindle Fire.

      1. Don’t be so quick to give up on your precognition; the Verge put up a pic of an Amazon smartphone they claim will be announced today. Their “one more thing”.

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