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AAP Reports Book Market up 10% in January, eBooks up 12.8%

The aapAmerican Association of Publishers issued a new Statshot report this morning, and it looks like Amazon has once again failed to kill the publishing industry.

According to the AAP, the 1,218 publishers who contributed revenue data to the AAP in January 2014 saw a 10% bump in revenue over last year ( from $500 million to $550 million).

The adult segment was up 2.8% (to $362 million from $352 million). The YA/kids segment saw impressive growth of 43.7% (to $144 million from $100 million), but the religious presses saw a drop in revenue of about 7.4%.

I of course have embedded the full charts below, and the news is generally good. Both the adult and kids segments showed increases in most categories, with the exception of adult paperback books. This comes as no surprise given the general decline of paperback sales as they are being replaced by ebooks.

Speaking of ebooks, ebook sales across the 3 segments grew slightly faster than the market average in January, and were up 12.8% (to $142 million from $125 million). I would like to crow about this being great news but in all honesty it only slightly beat the market rate, making this more of a fluctuation than actual growth.

Still, I’m going to wait until next month before popping the champagne.

aap statshot january 2014

aap statshot january 2014 breakdown


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carmen webster buxton May 1, 2014 um 10:48 am

Is 10$ supposed to be 10%?

Nate Hoffelder May 1, 2014 um 10:56 am

The market only grew by ten bucks, sadly.

Fixed it, thanks.

carmen webster buxton May 1, 2014 um 11:07 am

I wondered if it was a Freudian slip. 🙂

flyingtoastr May 1, 2014 um 12:13 pm

I’m willing to bet a large portion of that YA YOY growth is from Divergent. Hooray for outliers!

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Ned May 22, 2014 um 2:07 pm

You list downloaded audiobooks here but not physical audiobooks. Do you know what the January 2014 number was for physical audiobooks?



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