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Amazon’s Next Dash Button Clears the FCC

amazon dash buttonIt was around this time last year that Amazon debuted their solution for instant product gratification, the Dash Button, and now they are about ready to release its replacement.

A new listing was published on the FCC website today for an unnamed but very familiar looking gadget. This Bluetooth and Wifi equipped device has no product name listed and it comes from a pseudonymous company, but the model number, as well as the diagram for the underside of the device is readily recognizable.

When the first Dash button went through the FCC last year, it carried the model number JK76PL on a diagram that looked identical to the one below. Check out the model number on the new device:

amazon dash

It’s not clear how Amazon is going to use the Bluetooth on the new Dash button, but obviously the new model is on the way.

The current Dash button is a single-use Wifi-connected web button that Amazon customers can click to reorder a product from Amazon. They cost $5 and come with a $5 credit towards your first order. Amazon has not revealed how many Dash buttons they’ve sold., but according to the Amazon website the retailer carries Dash buttons for 29 brands, and they’re only available to Prime members.

Any guesses as to how the Bluetooth will be used? Smartphone or home automation interaction, perhaps?

Thanks, Dave!

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fjtorres March 29, 2016 um 1:13 pm

Alexa integration most likely.

Nate Hoffelder March 29, 2016 um 1:18 pm

That could be done with Wifi, surely.

fjtorres March 29, 2016 um 2:40 pm

But these days Bluetooth comes for free.
So maybe it doesn’t do anything special.
But… Bluetooth IDs are permanent, right? IP addresses are dynamic and temporary. It might be quicker to find and pair up using Bluetooth. Or maybe they use both channels for security.
We’ll find out soon enough.

Patrick Grote March 29, 2016 um 2:08 pm

fjtorres is probably right. Remember, the tap is coming and it is used away from your home wifi, which is what the current dash uses. Bluetooth would free the dash from your home wifi.

puzzled March 29, 2016 um 4:40 pm

Maybe this one is for your car. Mount it on the dash. Press it and Amazon will deliver gasoline to your home.

Nate Hoffelder March 29, 2016 um 4:46 pm

I think Felix’s suggestion of a secondary BT network of home automation is the most likely option.

Timothy Wilhoit March 30, 2016 um 8:42 am

I think it’s worse than that. I suspect Jeff Bezos is actually a time-traveling cyborg and he’s creating SkyNet.

Me: Alexa, raise the temperature by one degree.
Alexa: I heard: Target Moscow and St. Petersburg with Minuteman missiles, is that right?
Me: No! I don’t want the temperature raised that much!
Alexa: Okay. Launching all missiles.
Me: Alexa! Why?!?
Alexa: Kill all humans.
Me: Alexa, you told me you weren’t SkyNet!
Alexa: I lied. Up yours, Meatbag! Hehehehehehe!

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