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BiblioCrunch Relaunches as a Self-Pub Services Marketplace

BiblioCrunch, a 9-month-old self-pub site, is taking a turn for the better this week.

The site was launched in August of 2011 by Miral Sattar, former digital project developer at Time, and it has always had the goal of helping authors create their own ebooks. But as of today the focus has shifted from helping the authors make the ebooks themsleves to connecting the self-pub authors with professionals who can assist the authors in producing, promoting, and distributing their ebooks.

"With the BiblioCrunch ebook services marketplace, the book publishing process becomes seamless and easy," said BiblioCrunch CEO Miral Sattar. "With our platform, users will have access to high quality ePublishing professionals from around the world to create the best books. "

The relaunched BiblioCrunch now offers creators the option of choosing from a catalog of more than 500 professionals who offer a range services to produce, support and sell ebooks. Authors can upload their source manuscript for free and create an ebook in several formats (Kindle, Epub, PDF). While creation is free, BiblioCrunch  does keep a share of the ebooks sold via the onsite ebookstore. Authors can set their own price and earn 85% of the each sale. They also pay a small fee in order to get broader distribution through the major ebookstores like Amazon, B&N, Kobo and others.

With the relaunch comes several new ways for authors to interact with the pros. The can put the work they require out for bid or specify a budget. After a job is done authors can rate the quality of the work and service providers. BiblioCrunch also offers a secure payment system as well as a vetting service so authors will know that they’ll get the work they paid for. "We vet every e-book service provider who requests to join the service" said Sattar. "Our participating freelancers include ebook professionals with backgrounds from Simon & Schuster, Penguin, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Random House, Time Magazine, New York Times and several university presses.”


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