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Google Glass Parody Videos

Google’s new Heads Up Display was announced earlier this week and even seen in the wild, and now it is being relentlessly mocked.

I’ve seen 3 good parody videos in the past few days, including takes on how it would really work, what it would really look like, and a concept video for Microsoft’s WindowGlass. That last one is particularly funny for anyone who has used Windows.

If you find another, feel free to leave a comment with a link.


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Mark April 7, 2012 um 12:27 pm

Having used Android devices for about 15 months now, and having used Windows 7 for… well, since it was launched, whenever that was… I will testify that my Windows 7 machines are more stable than my Android devices, and more efficient in overall use. I felt the same when I was using OS X (Snow Leopard)–Windows 7 was just more comfortable (and reliable) for me, which is why I dumped my Macbook Pro.

I know people get a kick out of making fun of Windows, but seriously, it’s a pretty darn good OS nowadays.

Logan Kennelly April 7, 2012 um 4:01 pm

Well, that and you missed the high point of Mac OS X (which was Leopard); stable, fast, and it worked as expected. It’s been on a bit of a downhill slide since then (but you can’t really blame them for putting their best guys onto iOS).

It’s good to hear that about Windows 7 phones. I really like Android, but I’m pretty set on buying the first Windows Phone that offers an SD card for media if only for the experience.

Jon Jermey April 7, 2012 um 5:54 pm

I always feel that Windows devices and systems are better than Linux, until I actually try to use them, and then I realise how bloody-minded and Defective by Design they really are. Like the installation of Windows 7 which went through all the steps and then wouldn’t run because it was an upgrade,making me reinstall Windows XP merely so that I could reformat the disk and replace it with Windows 7. THAT was an amusing morning.

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