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How to Remove Old Kindles and Kindle Apps From Your Account on Amazon

In the nine years I have published this blog, I have tested dozens Kindles and mobile devices.  While that was a lot of fun, it also caused a huge headache. Amazon lists all of those devices separately on my Manage Your Content and Devices page on, making it hard to find the few devices and apps that were actually in use.

It actually got so bad that back in 2016 I removed all the Kindle apps from my account, as well as most of the Kindles and Kindle Fires. (I later re-registered the few Kindle apps I was still using.)

This made it so much easier to manage my account that I wish I had thought to share this sooner. The Kindle turned twelve years old last November, and I can’t be the only one who has a long list of apps and devices on that page (A family of four would probably have a list longer than mine).

Here’s how you can remove devices and apps from your account.

Note: This procedure will also de-register any affected apps or devices. The next time they go online and try to sync, the apps and devices will discover they have been de-registered and log you out. I think the Kindles will still continue to work, but the apps will not.


First, go to the manage your content and devices page on Amazon, and select the "Devices" tab.

After the new tab loads, look at the number of devices and apps listed.  If the number is huge (mine was over 50 at one point) then you might want to select the dropdown menu shown in the screensnap below. You can use it to limit the list to just Kindle apps or hardware.

Once you have perused the list, you can remove an app or device by clicking on the 3-dot menu to the left of an entry. Select the de-register option from the pop-up menu.

Then, when you see the confirmation menu, click the orange button to confirm that you want to deregister the device.

Boom. You’ve removed one more device from your account.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to do this one device or app at a time, so it can get tedious by the time you’ve removed the 20th entry.  But I still think it’s worth the effort because once I removed all the dead entries, I was able to finally use that page to send content to my various devices. Removing the dross also made it easier to send a newly purchased ebook to my current device when I am buying it. (I used to have to download the ebook from the device itself, which actually was a nuisance because I share my account with my mother, who is a voracious reader.)

So tell me, how many Kindles, Kindle Fires, and apps do you have listed on your account?

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D April 3, 2019 um 10:21 pm

Unfortunately, I’ve got a many really old ones (old cell phones, 1st edtion kindle) that always return an error if I try to deregister.

Susie July 31, 2019 um 11:35 am

I tried to remove an old kindle device this way but kept getting an error message saying please try again. I’ve tried again and again and at different times — the same message. Any suggestions?
Thanks 🙂

Nate Hoffelder July 31, 2019 um 5:04 pm

Yes, this doesn’t always work – you’ll need to contact Amazon and aks them to take care of it.

Christophe Horvath May 5, 2020 um 11:37 pm

The problem is that this still doesn’t help with figuring out which device is which. The ones that Amazon seems to randomly number…

Nate Hoffelder May 6, 2020 um 10:51 am

It’s easier now that you can name the devices. What you can do is name all the devices, check the devices still in use, and then remove the ones that you’re not using.

Sharon Feldman October 24, 2020 um 10:57 pm

I have kindle unlimited with my daughter. There are some books I would rather purchase since after a while you cannot buy certain books on amazon. How do set up a new account under a different name on one of my i pads to not use kindle unlimited? When I go to Apps it keeps opening to my existing account. Can I delete kindle on one if my 3 I pads without deleting them all?

Octavio January 15, 2021 um 8:40 pm

When I go to that page there is only the ONE tab, the "Content" tab. There is NO "Devices" tab, NO "Preferences" tab, and NO "Alexa Privacy" tab, as shown in the screenshot. Why? Have they moved the "Devices" page somewhere else?

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