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iPhone 5 CPU Leaked?

There’s reports coming out of Cina this morning that pictures have leaked to a Chinese gadget blog.  They supposedly show the CPU of the next the iPhone, which is due out in the next few months.

I’m told that it looks little like the circuit boards for either the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2, but it does look enough like them. I’d say that this is definitely looks like it could have come from an Apple product. Now, we knew that a new iPhone was coming, so this isn’t that amazing of a revelation. Also, there isn’t much that can be deduced from this photo, unfortunately.

But my source isn’t sure that this is legit. The printing on the chip looks smudged and the battery shouldn’t have the capcity printed on it; Apple never did that before.

This leak is right up there with the iPad 3 cable I found a couple months back and the ground breaking iPad 3 leaks I posted last month. Tomorrow I plan to post a=pictures of screws that may or may not have come from the iPhone 6.

Weibo via Phone Arena

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