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New Leak Reveals HP’s New Tablets Look an Awful Lot Like Hauwei’s Tablets

Likehpwhite almost any gadget maker, HP always has a bunch of tablets in the works, and past leaks and rumors have hinted that some of the upcoming tablets include the HP Slate 8 Plus and the HP Slate 7 Beats Special Edition.

Yesterday the font of all leaks @evleaks posted a set of images which show a couple of HP’s new tablets.

The tablets are unnamed and lack any clearly identifying details, but it looks to me like there are only 2 models shown (unless the angle shots are throwing my guesstimates). We could be looking at the 7″ and 8″ models mentioned above, but HP has released 6″ and 7″ models elsewhere in the world, including models which have shown up at the FCC.

Do you have any guesses as to what we’re looking at?


Update: Mike Cane has pointed out that at least one of these tablets bears a striking resemblance to the HTC One. He also suggests that HP could be licensing the Hauwei MediaPad M1 design. It’s close enough that I wonder if he is right (please excuse the bad image editing):


Update: a reader has pointed out that both of the new HP tablets resemble the Hauwei X1 and M1 tablets which were launched at Mobile World Congress in February. (Thanks, jjj!) I think jjj is right, and so is Mike Cane; HP is licensing these designs (or @evleaks has been had, which I doubt).

The M1 is an 8″ tablet with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 and X1 is a 7″ tablet with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200. Here’s the X1 side by side with the leaked HP tablet:




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cookie May 4, 2014 um 8:53 pm

At this point, we are only interested in future announcement of future Windows 8 tablets, unless of course they are 5 inches or less.

jjj May 4, 2014 um 9:43 pm

So 2 models and both are 7 inch. Both should have thin bezels or at the very least the red one. The red one could be smaller and it must have voice since it has the speaker up there.
Most likely they are very similar to Ulefone U7 or OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 and that wouldn’t be bad since we kinda lack 1200p screens and this bezels, Nexus 7 is way bulky and the new Huaweis are too costly. Ofc if they have a faster SoC than quad or octa A7, even better but i wouldn’t dare to hope for that since everybody is focused on lower end.

jjj May 4, 2014 um 10:10 pm

Ok ,changed my mind. Those 2 actually look just like the Huawei X1 and M1 , both front and back.
Pic 2,3 and 4 here appear to be the X1 and pic 1 and 5 the M1.
So M1 is 8 inch 1280×800 and X1 is 7 inch 1920×1200.

Nate Hoffelder May 4, 2014 um 10:29 pm

Mike Cane pointed out the similarities with one of the Hauwei tablets. I’d say you are probably right on both points; HP is licensing the design.

Good catch!

jjj May 4, 2014 um 10:33 pm

The 8 incher might be HP Slate 8 Plus

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