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New Nook eReader Clears the FCC

Why oh why couldn’t this next story have come across my desk last Monday; it would have added an extra level of detail to the joke about Author Solutions.

A helpful bot just informed me that paperwork for B&N’s next ereader has cleared the FCC’s website.

B&N has embargoed almost all the interesting details until October, so we know very little about the device, the BNRV700-A. I can tell you it was tested for BT and Wifi, and that it is described as an ereader. It also has a headphone jack, and is apparently also sending data on its battery to a repository.

Edit: Oh, and we can infer that it probably is an ereader because this device was submitted by B&N. B&N’s tablets, on the other hand, have shown up at the FCC bearing the brand and FCC ID for the Chinese OEM that made them.

If you have a Nook you might be able to measure the "N" logo on your and infer the size of the new model. Me, I will have to wait for the announcement before I’ll know more.

I am guessing the new model will be launched in the next couple weeks, or by the end of May at the latest. When it does arrive, it is a tossup whether it will be sold in stores. B&N has been stripping any sign of the Nook from its stores, first removing the Nook kiosk, and then taking down the banners that promote the Nook. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that B&N might remove the remaining Nook displays (I have reports it’s already happened in a few stores).

The Nook division generated $24 million in revenue in B&N’s third fiscal quarter 2019.


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john April 10, 2019 um 12:28 pm

yes! the nook lives on!

Susan April 10, 2019 um 5:23 pm

I don’t know. Even if it was an 8 or 9 inch device with improved performance – I would still be hesitant to give them my money. I bought the latest Glowlight when it came out and rarely use it because of how slow it is to change screens. With BN removing or hiding the Nook sections in their stores I do not have much confidence in the company and was really surprised that a new device has shown up.

Mike Cane April 11, 2019 um 9:24 am

The big question will be what version of Android? And can it be hacked into an Android tablet?

Looks like another 6-incher. A shame they don’t see the wisdom of just selling the Likebook Mars.

Also, looks like SD cad slot at bottom and micro USB charge port at top.

Mike Cane April 11, 2019 um 9:25 am

*CARD. Damn typos.

And geez, stop forcing me to get email updates. Uncheck the box by default!

Reader April 11, 2019 um 11:01 am

I will not purchase another B&N digital product. I purchased the Glowlight 3 last year, courtesy of a good price for having returned my Original Nook. I have two areas of complaints about the Glowlight 3. 1) Rubberized surface, 2) Software.

The rubberized surface on my Nook Simple Touch is not as durable as Kindle surfaces. It was a poor design choice to keep the rubberized surface for the Nook Glowlight 3. Nonetheless, I did purchase the Glowlight 3 knowing that would be a future issue.

Software is a much bigger issue. While you could adjust PDF font size (unscanned PDF) on the Simple Touch, you can’t do so on the Glowlight 3. That is a regression. B&N doesn’t have thick enough font options for my taste. Amazon listened to customer complaints and added bolder font options. B&N didn’t listen as much to customer complaints, as it did include a "thicker" option, which was not very thick at all. For sideloaded books, this isn’t an issue, as you can embed a bold font in Calibre.

I lost access to all my books- including B&N purchases- on my Glowlight 3. A trip to a B&N store solved it. I had to deregister my Glowlight 3 and then re-register. Not long after, my B&N purchases no longer showed the original covers. However, I can live with that.

The biggest software issue for the Glowlight 3 is that you cannot add sideloaded books to shelves. "Correction:" you can add sideloaded books to shelves, but they will disappear after you turn the Glowlight 3 off. The Nook Simple Touch and Kindles permitted adding sideloaded books to shelves. This is NOT a B&N software glitch. This is by design. That means that while one may add a bunch of sideloaded books, practicality will limit the number of sideloaded books to several dozen.

The Amazing Disappearing Shelves (page 3).
Thank you for writing to us.
We would like inform you that the NOOK Shelf in your NOOK Library are only for NOOK Books only or eBooks that are purchased from Barnes and Noble.

NOOK Support Agent
Barnes & Noble

Sorry, B&N, I won’t be purchasing any more books or e-readers from you.

Ashley Robinson April 23, 2019 um 5:57 pm

If this has expandable memory and any kind of waterproofing, I will throw money at it immediately.

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