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Updated: New NookColor Leaked – $249, Dual Core CPU

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The new "Nook Tablet", as B&N are calling it, is going to be a slightly update version of the original. It’s slightly thinner and weighs slightly less, but it’s based around the same 7″ IPS screen. The new Nook keeping the card slot, Wifi, and it’s getting a bump in Flash storage – 16GB, not 8GB.

Update: I now have a complete set of the leaked doc. There’s a gallery of screenshots at the end of the post. Enjoy.

The new Nook is also getting a dual core 1.2GHz CPU, which is a bump from the 1GHz CPU in the NookColor. But it’s still coming from Texas Instruments and that means it won’t take too long to port CyanogenMod or the other hacked firmwares. There’s already several out for the NookColor, which give the hackers a head start.

Curiously enough, the older NookColor isn’t going away. One of the leaked docs shows all 4 Nooks from the original to the Nook Tablet. Clearly they plan to have all models on display in store. So it looks like the old NookColor will be priced at $199 like I told you yesterday, with the new Nook Tablet going for $249. It’s supposed to ship on 16 November.

Well this is disappointing. Barnes & Noble did indeed surprise me, just like I said they would on Tuesday. But they didn’t surprise me in a good way.

I predicted a month ago that the NookColor would be getting a hardware update and the Acclaim would be all new hardware. It looks like B&N will release the upgraded NookColor that I predicted, only it’s going to be the Acclaim tablet.

That’s disappointing. They’re releasing the updated tablet that I predicted, but they’re not releasing any new hardware. Eh. I’m not sure I even want to go on Monday, now that I know there’s not going to be much that is new.

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Syn November 3, 2011 um 7:19 pm

Twice the selection as Amazon? I don’t think so.. I don’t think they have shown enough compelling reasons to upgrade from Nook Color 1 or choose it over Kindle Fire.. The only real stand out is the SD card and bump in internal memory.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see but I really think it needs to be priced at 199 and not 249.. and lower Nook Color 1 to 150..

curiosity killed the… November 3, 2011 um 10:49 pm

wait am i missing something here? is there something vastly different spec wise between a ti dual-core and tegra 2? why is this a disappointment if this has same cpu, twice the ram,an sd card slot and its not running amazons big brother internet watchmen.
i think those 3 points alone makes it worth the extra $50 plus it has twice the internal memory.
the kindle fire looked pretty interesting when they announced it but i couldn’t shake that big brother feeling when they announced silk.
if this does everything the fire does and has sd card which makes it much more rootable down the road if icecream sandwich can be ported i don’t see how kindle is the better deal in this.

Nate Hoffelder November 3, 2011 um 11:01 pm

They wanted to charge $350 for this when I got that leaked slide. The current $250 is a good price, yes, but the $350 price was too high, IMO.

Edit: and just to be clear, the $250 price is what I think it should have been all along. All this is is an updated NookColor, which is what I expected to see for $250.

curiosity killed the… November 3, 2011 um 11:23 pm

but you and several other tech sites keep saying its just an updated nook color like that’s a bad thing? nook color was widely popular and not only did the geeks like rooting it the regular crowd loved the not so cheap feel for the price tablet experience vs other android tablets in the same price range.
and i find it odd all the articles keep saying its just a new nook color but don’t mention the fact that the old nook color was single core just that its 1gighz vs 1.2 with the dual core. there’s a big difference between multicore’s and single core cpus and 1 thing i’ve learned from years of pc upgrades is that the gigahertz don’t mean the same thing once you hit different cores they have to be compared with the same number of cores if your strictly reading gighz.

Nate Hoffelder November 3, 2011 um 11:29 pm

I thought there would be more.

Here’s the thing. I can get the Asus eeePad Transformer for $400. This new Nook was supposed to cost $350, which is ridiculous when you compare the specs.

curiosity killed the… November 3, 2011 um 11:38 pm

the toshiba thrive i am still hanging on the fence waiting for black friday to see if there’s a price drop however quickly it may be it still has the best abilities out there for a dualcore tablet that runs honeycomb.
amazon has been yoyoing the price now between 360-380 for the past 3 months most of the other stores online and off have stuck with 380 for the 8 gig. all im hoping for is another 1 of those $100 off tablet sales and i’ll be jumping all over a thrive and if im lucky black friday will be when it happens lol.

burger flipper November 4, 2011 um 1:04 am

No way this is what they wanted to charge 350 for. Maybe something else is coming down the pike. They know Amazon has a 10 inch slated for next year.

Syn November 3, 2011 um 11:15 pm

I wonder if they will open up the first Nook Color to Hulu and other Apps.. This is going to make things interesting for your Galaxy Tab’s commanding a premium price..

Segundo November 4, 2011 um 2:06 am

Nothing against the kindle fire, seems like a fantastic device. Amazons feature list is impressive.

I chose the Nook tablet as soon as I heard the rumors that it would launch soon. (back in early september). The deciding factor for me is the brick and mortar aspect of B&N. I take solace in the fact that some small part of my money helps support my local community. B&N is one of my favorite stores to frequent. I’m looking forward to camping out in the childrens section and borrowing books for free on my Nook while my son plays with the Thomas the train table. Not to mention how much he is going to enjoy the interactive childrens books B&N offers.

The specs tickle my fancy. Expandable storage means options. Whether the market shares sway toward one device over the other, I have no hesitation that the Nook’s is the correct choice for me.

Void November 4, 2011 um 3:27 pm

Remember the 90s? I was working in a local store and one day we just didn’t open. How ironic is it that now B&N is the place you choose over Amazon to "support [your] local community"?

Segundo November 4, 2011 um 4:39 pm

Ironic? I was in small town high school with no job for most of the 90’s. I didn’t support anyone. Did amazon start as brick and mortar? I wasn’t aware. Is that where you were working? B&N isn’t my only choice. I try and keep most of my shopping local, period. However futile my actions are, it still makes sense to me. Even if it is corporate, at least they employ people in my town. I’m not claiming hero or elite, just a personal choice.

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Quincy November 4, 2011 um 8:54 am

Nate, do you think they may be holding off on the Acclaim until the new Amazon tablet comes out in early 2012? I have heard rumors that the Acclaim was a 10inch. Maybe they are thinking that if they wait then they can one up Amazon again.

Nate Hoffelder November 4, 2011 um 9:07 am

That thought has crossed my mind, yes. Like I said above, this isn’t a $350 tablet.

JimS November 5, 2011 um 1:37 am

Tell that to Samsung! Its Galaxy Tab 7.0 just recently became available at retail chains (at least Amazon), and its specs look an awful lot like the Nook Tablet with two cameras…..for $399.

Nate Hoffelder November 5, 2011 um 9:17 am

Yes, but the gTab 7 has an open version of Android as well as the Android Market, cameras, and Bluetooth, right? That’s easily $100 in price difference.

No, the Nook Tablet is not a $350 tablet,

Peter November 4, 2011 um 10:29 am

I’m sorry if you’re disappointed- and that’s partially my fault. I got everyone’s hopes up with the Gamestop and Mirasol talk. My expectations for Barnes and Noble were way out of line with everyone else’s, as well as reality, apparently.

This isn’t a terrible entry- It’s basically on par with the rest of the market with the same unique selling propositions that have kept B+N in the game so far- but I thought they would really up the game for everyone else instead of just matching features to remain relevant.

I do hope this isn’t a complete leak and I’m sure they’ll have one or two little things to add at the actual unveiling on the 7th. But a game changer like Mirasol is unlikely now. Not the Cinderella story I was hoping for.

Maybe next year.

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Kurt November 4, 2011 um 12:04 pm

i would like to know just one thing
can i read a book in landscape mode?

don’t understand why the NC hasn’t been updated to fix this

fjtorres November 4, 2011 um 12:58 pm

If you hack it and run the generic android Nook app you’ll get landscape single and dual column options.
Yeah, I know it’s weird.

Alexander Inglis November 4, 2011 um 1:50 pm

It’s a petty nice upgrade, for the price of the old unit. But, if I read correctly, it still ships Nookified — even though it is called a "tablet", it is Nooked, not open. While the hardware can be rooted to add further capability, that is beyond the inclination of the vast number of owners.

If it’s easy to add Hulu, Netflix, etc, that’s great … but Amazon will continue to hold an ace in video with its Prime offering. Whichever way you look at it, B&N has the uphill battle to profitably monetize its new device outside of ebooks. It is smart move for them to keep the full range of devices in market, and particularly to have an option in the $99 range.

Peter November 4, 2011 um 2:36 pm

On second thought- this is fake.

There is a trademark logo next to the "Nook tablet" name- Barnes and Noble doesn’t have that name trademarked. They have Nook2, Nook Color, and Nook Simple touch trademarked.

Plus, nobody would ever name a product just "nook tablet".

I think they’re driving down expectations ahead of the actual acclaim launch.

Nate Hoffelder November 4, 2011 um 2:44 pm

True, they don’t own it yet, but that could be because they haven’t filed for it yet. This could be a last moment shift to calling the Acclaim a tablet and not an e-reader.

I’ll look into it,

Peter November 4, 2011 um 4:46 pm

No worries- fake is probably too strong a word.

We’ll know the full details Monday. I’m sure this leak is from a reliable source and it is what we’re meant for us to see for now.

Most of what is here will be correct. But I think they’re holding back a little to make the actual announcement a little more exciting.

Peter November 4, 2011 um 5:13 pm

Expectations gaming- is the better word 🙂

Alexander Inglis November 4, 2011 um 3:26 pm

It clearly states Nook (r) Tablet. They don’t need to trademark "Nook Tablet"; and "tablet" is a generic term that can’t be trademarked. I’m not sure how you get to "fake" on this logic.

Nate Hoffelder November 4, 2011 um 4:29 pm

Yes, but other slides show Nook Tablet ™. That is curious but not enough to indicate a fake. Also, this would have to be a very elaborate fake, and that’s more work than it is worth.

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