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Pocketbook 740 Color Sports a 7.8″ Screen, Will Cost Around $300

I was just over at MobileRead, sharing the good news about Kobo’s new ereader, when I found out about the Pocketbook 740.

Pocketbook’s third color ereader is going to sport a 7.8″ Kaleido E-ink screen capable of displaying up to 4096 colors. This is the same screen that Onyx wanted to use on the Nova2 Color, but Pocketbook is beating them to the punch.

The Pocketbook 740 Color is based on the same hardware as the Inkpad 3 (they even share the same model number).

According to Pocketbook’s product page, this device ships with a capacitive touchscreen, frontlight, BT, and Wifi. It runs Pocketbook’s OS on a dual-core 1GHz CPU with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. This ereader is powered by a 2.9Ah battery, and measures 8mm thin.

Retail is going to be 21999 rubles, or about $296 USD. It is expected to ship in Russia in March.

Pretty cool device, no?

BTW, I had not had a chance to post about them but there are a couple other large-screen color ereaders that may be shipping soon in China. They’re from a company called Bigme, and sport 7.8″ and 10″ color E-ink screens.



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