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Pocketbook Launches the 6″ Ultra, 8″ Ink Pad eBook Readers

pocketbook ultra 650Pocketbook’s much-leaked, camera-equipped, high-end Pocketbook Ultra ebook reader officially launched today in Russia.

The Ukrainian ereader maker held a launch event today for their new devices. In addition to the Ultra, Pocketbook also showed off the CAD Reader (with its 13.3″ screen), the Aqua, the CoverReader (an E-ink case for the Samsung Galaxy S4), and a wholly unannounced and unexpected 8″ ebook reader – the Ink Pad.

Few details are known about the new models aside from the price ( didn’t post much), but I do have some new info on prices and the expected release date (in Russia).

The 6″ Pocketbook Aqua, which launched in Germany a few months ago, is going to be available in Russia in 2 to 3 weeks. Retail will be 6990 rubles, or about $200 USD.

The Pocketbook CoverReader, which as you may recall was first shown off late last year (video), is already available in Russia. It’s selling for 3490 rubles.

The 13.3″ CAD Reader is still in the works. Pocketbooks hopes to have it on the market by the end of the year, price unknown.

pocketbook ink pad 840Ink Pad 840

And then there’s the PocketBook Ink Pad 840. This device came as a complete surprise, and it sports a high resolution 8″ E-ink screen with a touchscreen and frontlight. This is basically the same device as the Pocketbook Color Lux, only without the color E-ink screen.

Update: This ereader runs Pocketbook’s reading software on a 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, Wifi, and a 1.5Ah battery which is expected to give up to a month of runtime (source). Thanks, Name!

The Ink Pad 840 has a screen resolution of 1,600 x 1,200 (the same as on the Onyx Boox i86), and it will cost 9990 rubles (about $290 USD) when it ships in Russia in July.


And finally we have the Ultra.

pocketbook ultra 650There is in fact very little which we don’t know about this device, and in fact today’s launch doesn’t add any details other than confirmation that it has support for audio.

The Pocketbook Ultra is equipped with a 6″ Carta E-ink screen (screen resolution of 1024 x 758). It has a frontlight, touchscreen, page turn buttons mounted on the rear of the device, and a rear-facing camera. I cannot tell you the resolution, but I can confirm the reports that the camera is used to take photos so the user can OCR the text and add notes.

Update: The Ultra has a 5MP camera with Flash. It runs Pocketbook’s reading software on a 1GHz CPU with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, Wifi, and a 1.5Ah battery which is expected to give up to a month of runtime (source). Thanks, Name!

The Ultra is scheduled to ship in Russia in early July, and it will sell for 8990 rubles (about $260 USD) . Previous leaks indicate that the price in Germany will be 199 euros, but I don’t have any details about pricing in other markets.


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Name May 20, 2014 um 5:07 pm

Further details about both devices can be found here:

Nate Hoffelder May 20, 2014 um 5:31 pm


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Leonid May 21, 2014 um 5:19 am

Where does your information about the availability of the Pocketbook CoverReader in Russia come from? As far as I know, none of the retailers in Russia sell this (or even have it available for a pre-order).

Leonid May 21, 2014 um 5:21 am

ok, my mistake, sorry. The official PocketBook e-store in Russia does sell it.

Nate Hoffelder May 21, 2014 um 5:52 am said it was available.

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