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Wishes Quotes & Messages

Christmas Card Messages: 55 + 15 Quotes (+ 5 tips)

Writing a Christmas card to your loved ones is a nice gesture at Christmas. We have tips for writing Christmas Card Messages as well as ideas for messages, quotes and sayings to design your individual Christmas greetings. You’ll also find some nice Christmas card crafting ideas.

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50 Evening Quotes & 10 Good Evening Messages

Wish friends and acquaintances a good evening and make them happy with it. We have 4 tips, 50 evening quotes and 10 messages for different evening wishes. So you’re sure to find the right words and bring variety into the game.

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Happy New Year Quotes: 4 Tips, 50 Quotes & 5 Wishes

3 … 2 … 1 … Happy New Year! Every year in the night from December 31st to January 1st we celebrate the beginning of a new year full of possibilities and special moments. We have a wide selection for you here to help you deliver the best New Year Quotes to your most important people.

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Buddha Quotes: 70 sayings to think about

The Buddhist way of life is characterized, among other things, by high values and a profound attitude about life. Thus, there are Buddha quotes and wise sayings that deal with values and sentiments such as self-love, strength, or hope.

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Smart quotes: 90 clever sayings to think about

From ancient times to the present day, well-known and unknown personalities have dealt with life and human existence. In the process, many valuable and profound smart quotes have been created, which can still have great significance today.

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