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You Tell Me: What Device Are You Reading on Right Now?

Inspired by the phenomenal response to Tuesday’s discussion about reading material, today I would like to ask you about what you are reading on.

Every so often I like to ask what devices – print or digital – people are reading. So, readers – what are you reading on right now? Magazine, hardback, or paperback? Kindle, smartphone, or tablet?

I’ll go first.

For the most part I am spending most of my reading time on my Fire tablet. I’d like to read more on my 4″ smartphone, but the screen just isn’t large enough for a satisfactory experience. I could load the same book on both devices, and I would only be happy with the larger device.

How about you?

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Bill Peschel July 6, 2018 um 8:16 am

Kindle Touch. Yes, the old one you have to sideload all your books on, even those from Amazon.

Mike D July 7, 2018 um 6:14 pm


I have an original Touch and the Wi-Fi works fine.

I am currently reading on a Fire 7″ indoors and a Kindle Keyboard outside (because it has 3G)

Antonio July 6, 2018 um 8:35 am

Kindle Voyage

J.D. Ogre July 6, 2018 um 8:45 am

A Kobo Aura Edition 2 (which has been on sale for $99 CA most places thanks to the Clara’s release). Bought it on Wednesday to replace my aging Kobo Mini, whose case has 4 cracks being covered by duct tape and whose battery was getting to the point where it needed to be charged every few days…

Michael Anderson July 6, 2018 um 8:54 am

Since I noted two distinctly different things I was reading, it is perhaps unsurprising I am reading on two devices:
– Kindle Paperwhite for my ‘pleasure’ reading
– iPad Pro 10.5 for my more technical reading.

Oh … and I just started ‘Where the Hurt Is’ by Chris Kelsey – intriguing start, liking it so far.

Paolo Amoroso July 6, 2018 um 8:56 am

I use an Android smartphone for all my ebook reading.

Tim Illingworth July 6, 2018 um 8:56 am

Mostly I read with Cool Reader on a 10″ Verizon Ellipsis tablet. Occasionally it’s my old Nook Tablet. Plus paperback fiction and hardback non-fiction.

Mac July 6, 2018 um 9:04 am

Android smartphone

Carmen Webstere Buxton July 6, 2018 um 9:10 am

I have owned a Kindle 1, a Kindle 2, and Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard), Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite. and Kindle Voyage. I still have the Touch, the Fire, and the Voyage. When my husband was in the hospital I gave him my Paperwhite and then when I missed it too much, I ordered myself the Voyage. I use the Fire only for traveling, as a tablet, not an ereader (unless I want to look at color illustrations I never read books on it). All except the Fire have had 3G. The first Kindle ONLY had 3G. I confess to being spoiled. Once you have instant gratification, new books anywhere, any time, it’s hard to go back.

But now I read only on the Voyage. I do wish it could read aloud like the older models, but that than that, it offers what I want– e-ink screen, front lit, and my choice of page swipes or page turn buttons in the bezel.

fahirsch July 6, 2018 um 9:11 am

Kindle Paperwhite and sometimes on Kindle app on a iPhone 7+.

Ruth Harris July 6, 2018 um 9:19 am

Divided just about equally between Kindle and my iPad. I live surrounded by books, but haven’t purchased either a hardcover or a paperback for several years. All e-reading all the way.

Hussman July 6, 2018 um 9:27 am

Nexus 10 Tablet with the Kindle and Comic Screen Apps

Kit July 6, 2018 um 9:27 am

Kindle app on my iPad Air 2, and sometimes on my iPhone if I don’t have my iPad with me. And sometimes print books from the library. At 50+ years old, I wear multifocal contacts or progressive lens glasses, and I have real trouble with fine print on paper, or if the paper in books has gotten yellowed and there isn’t a sharp contrast between the printing and the paper.

Xavier Basora July 6, 2018 um 9:29 am

Samsung Galaxy tab a with both the kobobooks and kindle apps


Mike Hall July 6, 2018 um 10:04 am

We’ve got a continuing heatwave in the UK and I’m doing most of my reading sitting outside in the Sun: so my fiction reading – all now e-books – is done on a Paperwhite as nothing else I own (phone or tablets) is really usable – unless I resurrect my old keyboard Kindle. The non fiction is all on paper.

DavidW July 6, 2018 um 10:23 am

Even though Kobo provides my main devices these days, I’m currently reading on a Kindle during the day and a Fire at night. What I’m reading is a Kindle book that doesn’t translate well to kepub. Also I like traveling with cheaper devices. I’m out of town visiting family.

Dan July 6, 2018 um 10:58 am

Oasis 2. I am sadly one of those people who buy every other generation Kindle (ease of Amazon book purchases and a fine experience makes this hard to beat). I like the larger form factor. Regardless, my preferences are highly correlated with the fact that as I received my Oasis, I found a bunch of great books I’ve really enjoyed (correlation does not imply causation – but it did greatly improve the experience).

Gwenhael July 6, 2018 um 11:06 am

– Kobo H2o 2 for ebooks
– iFive Mini 4s for comics and magazines

Randy Lea July 6, 2018 um 11:07 am

I read almost everything on the Fire 10. I read paper books only from Interlibrary loans or the local library has a print book not on ebook.

The Fire 10 is a better tablet overall, but the Fire 8 is fine for reading, on sale for $50 probably on Black Friday ($100 for the Fire 10), based on history. It’s so much better than any phone for reading. Throw a huge uSD card in them and they are both fine for downloading Netflix or Amazon movies & TV shows.

Dan July 6, 2018 um 11:09 am

Short bursts on my phone’s kindle app.
Longer sessions on my Voyage.

Juli Monroe July 6, 2018 um 11:16 am

I’m in a "read on my iPad in Marvin" kick at the moment. Not sure why, but I’m sure I’ll go back to my Oasis2 soon.

Gabrielle July 6, 2018 um 11:18 am

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK using Moon Reader Pro app for reading or Smart Audiobooks app for listening. I mostly use my Unihertz Jelly Pro with SA app for audiobooks.

I use Gdrive to transfer books along with 2 sync apps.. Drive Sync for ebooks, Folder Sync for audiobooks.

Usually I use Sweech app to use wifi to transfer audiobooks from pc to device. That way my info text file transfers along with the mp3 files. Gdrive doesn’t like text files and turns it into a pdf.

Liz July 6, 2018 um 11:30 am

First generation Kindle Oasis. I also have a Paperwhite. I read high-graphic books on my ipad mini.

DaveMich July 6, 2018 um 11:33 am

Voyage. Samsung phone is a backup, but it hasn’t been getting much use lately. My wife does an enormous amount of reading on her kindle fire HD "previous technology" – a 2012 tablet that still has the carousel interface.

Steve July 6, 2018 um 11:34 am

I bounce back and forth between my Kobo Aura One and a Kindle Oasis 2. I like e-ink readers, and I appreciate the larger screen size of those two devices.
Nearly every book I read is also loaded onto my phone, and I use MoonReader’s TTS feature with an Ivona voice to read to me while driving to and from work.

Steve H. July 6, 2018 um 11:35 am

Kindle Oasis 2 and occasionally an old Kindle Fire DX for high image books. Really like almost everything about the Oasis. Going to be difficult to choose to upgrade now. Maybe an 8″ or larger reader would entice me.
Pleased that Amazon finally lets you use your own fonts!

Eric July 6, 2018 um 11:49 am

If I’m really lucky and the sun is out and I’m not at work, Kindle Oasis 2. Best reading device for sunshine I’ve ever used.

If I’m inside, Samsung Galaxy 2 with either the Kindle app or Freda.

Why Freda, you ask? It’s one of the very few reading apps which sync over the net AND has a Windows client AND gets through our corporate firewall. (Yeah, you can do the math on that one.)

wehoho July 6, 2018 um 11:52 am

Kobo Aura One at home, Kindle Android app on my cell phone during the day.

Harmon July 6, 2018 um 12:21 pm

Depends on where I am & what I want to read. And on what you mean by “reading” and “right now”.

If you mean any reading & right this instant, right now I’m grabbing a late breakfast at McDonald’s & reading my Feedly items on my iPhone 8.

If you mean any reading and sometime today, later today I’ll be reading a Spanish textbook & Instapaper items (some I’m saving from Feedly) on my small iPad Pro, as well as a graphic novel & perhaps a couple of emag articles..

If you mean sustained reading of books and whenever you are reading them, this evening I’ll be using my Oasis2 for ebook reading. And I still read books on paper.

So it breaks down to short-form/phone away from home, large tablet/longform at home, & Kindle in the evening.

Then there are audiobooks which I “read” while I’m walking, in the car, or icing down after physical therapy – all using my iPhone.

Allen F July 6, 2018 um 12:31 pm

Right now? Reading this on a 23 inch LG screen – hooked to a Raspberry Pi. 😉

Also two older kindles and an Alienware netbook.

Cazaril July 6, 2018 um 12:49 pm

This text comes to me trough the Inoreader app on my iPhone. Whereas for e-books I use tolino shine, 2013-made piece of classic. It doesn’t support mobi though, and it‘s a bit slower compared with others. Its body is cracked on one edge and piece of the other is missing, but I love it, it does the job well enough.

Robert Barnett July 6, 2018 um 12:53 pm

Kindle Voyage and a Mediapad M3 using the Kindle App, Moon Reader Pro and Zinio for some magazines.

aus July 6, 2018 um 2:02 pm

Technical books (via Safari Books Online) on a Fire 7 mostly because it’s so light. Other books (mostly from Amazon) on a Energy Sistem Pro.

george zunic July 6, 2018 um 2:16 pm

read digital books on kindle keyboard and 7″ hdx fire tablet late at night in bed. when out of the house prefer the 5.2″ smartphone screen because it is easy to carry. in the morning read news, check some internet sites and e-mails on a 10″ fire tablet. also read hardcover printed books borrowed from library or bought at thrift shops.

Jan July 6, 2018 um 2:37 pm

Kindle Paperwhite 3 for long reading sessions. Samsung android phone with Serial Reader and Kindle apps for short sessions.

gremlin July 6, 2018 um 3:53 pm

Kindle Oasis 2nd gen. I had been happy with my Kindle Keyboard, but I was doing a lot of walking and reading at night (getting those steps in), and getting the built in light (*with* page turn buttons) was better than turning on every light in three rooms.

I have grown quite fond of the larger screen, and the light. I was disappointed that the actual screen without any light on is much darker than the old Kindle Keyboard, so I have to have the light on at a low level to brighten it a little unless I’m reading in direct sunlight – but I’ve gotten used to it.

ShellBell July 6, 2018 um 3:59 pm

Currently reading on my iPad. I use my iPad for the most part, but I will use my Android smartphone when I have time for a quick read or when it isn’t convenient to use my iPad.

Richard Duval July 6, 2018 um 4:21 pm

Kindle Voyage. Have several Kindles this is by far my favorite.

Chris July 6, 2018 um 4:31 pm

For fiction I’m reading on my Kobo Aura One. For non-fiction that I like to skip around in, or search, or which has colour photos, I just read the epub in Sigil.

Dodger Neighbor July 6, 2018 um 5:00 pm

Your link to yesterday’s article takes me to an unrelated Youtube video. And Kindle Paperwhite.

Robert Spencer July 6, 2018 um 5:04 pm

iPhone for light reading. Kindle Paperwhite for ebooks.

Susan Deonier July 6, 2018 um 5:06 pm

I’m addicted to my Kindle paperwhite! I only read a "dead tree" book when it’s a loaner from a friend or the library.

Al Kendall July 6, 2018 um 5:31 pm

Kobo mini is always in my pocket and is my primary reader but also use a 7″ Asus Android tablet with the Kindle ap, Kobo ap, and Moon + Reader.

Mal July 6, 2018 um 5:49 pm

I’m still using a very old Nook Simple Touch. Like the "Timex" ad said, "It takes a licking and keeps on ticking". So, I’ll keep using it as long as it continues working.

Peter Winkler July 6, 2018 um 6:07 pm

2016 Apple 12″ MacBook.

Shardegree July 6, 2018 um 6:38 pm

Samsung Galaxy Tab and an older Kobo ereader (b&w)

Fbone July 6, 2018 um 7:11 pm

Ipad as I like the two column landscape mode. Generally use Google Books app and Libby for library books.

BeeTee-Ess July 6, 2018 um 11:02 pm

I have a Kindle Oasis 2. My wife has a Kindle Voyage. I like its format but prefer the extra capacity of the Oasis 2.

Anthony July 6, 2018 um 11:42 pm

I do non-laptop reading on my Fire HD 8 tablet (at home) and on my Moto G smartphone (on the bus/on breaks at work).

Hrafn July 7, 2018 um 1:11 am

Reading this on a 27″ desktop screen.

Onyx-Boox Kepler Pro for novels. Samsung Tab S 10.5 for comics and occasional pdf. I’m currently contemplating an Asus Memo Pad 7 for a more portable Bluetooth audiobook/music player for when I’m exercising.

Orlando July 7, 2018 um 5:28 am

In order of frequency of use:
Kindle DX
Kindle Touch
Kindle Keyboard
Yes, kind of old school devices.

jan July 7, 2018 um 8:01 am

Fiction: Kobo Aura H2O (first gen).
Technical and other non-fiction: Bookari Premium app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Jude Glad July 7, 2018 um 10:41 am

Mostly on a 7″ Galaxy tab, but now and then on a Pixel phone. I use Moon+ Reader on both.

Anne July 7, 2018 um 12:14 pm

A novel on my Voyage but I also have a few short story collections/anthologies on my Android phone for reading when I’m out and about and don’t have my Voyage with me.

Dan Robinson July 7, 2018 um 1:03 pm

A Kindle Voyage is my primary device. Before that one I had a Kindle Keyboard and the first was a 2nd Gen Kindle. My ideal Kindle would be the Kindle Keyboard with front lighting or return the joystick to the Voyage.

Doug July 7, 2018 um 1:11 pm

Kindle Voyage. I have had a 1st gen paperwhite, 2nd Gen paperwhite and a kindle keyboard w/ the case that had the little LED light for the screen.

Julie July 7, 2018 um 6:58 pm

Kindle Voyage

Vikarti Anatra July 8, 2018 um 12:14 am

Nexus 9 when I’m not at my work table but at home. Galaxy Tab Active (waterproof, display works not too terrible in direct sunlight) when I’m not at home (Sometimes Galaxy A3 2017 when I’m not at home but only with phone).
MacBook Air when I’m at my work table
Bookfusion app/website in all cases.

Sly101s July 8, 2018 um 2:42 am

Currently my reading time is split between my Kindle pw1 and my galaxy s7 edge.

Kamen July 8, 2018 um 4:03 am

– An ageing (butt excellwnt) Kindle PW3 for all things e-ink.

– An also ageing (but still holding out) 2013 Kindle Fire HD for pdfs and anything graphical.

– I borrow ebooks from the.(Spanish) public librsry – the service is called eBiblo, and has its own app on the Fire HD.

– Kindle, eBiblio, and Moon+ Reader Pro on my Android smartphone when I’m stuck in a queue someplace.

IDoNotWantToTell July 8, 2018 um 5:53 am

My main device for reading books is a hacked, Android based, 6″ e-ink reader. Obscure. Discontinued, niche brand.

My device for reading on the go is YotaPhone. I carry it with me almost everywhere I go and read in an e-ink screen using the built-in Yota Reader app.

I do a lot of reading on a PC on a big LCD screen – this site, right now, for example. Also Reddit, Slashdot, …

Ros Jackson July 8, 2018 um 11:42 am

I’m using a Kobo Touch for reading in bed, and a Kobo Aura for reading on the go because it’s smaller and more portable. I’m planning to upgrade the Touch soon because it only holds about 500 books.

Nichole Long July 8, 2018 um 2:09 pm

Kindle Voyage

Robert Nagle July 8, 2018 um 2:36 pm

3 year old Samsung Galaxy Tab 12 inch with 64 gig card. I read mostly the Kindle app and Google Play Books though occasionally I try to use Adobe DE and Bluefire.

Karen McKenna July 8, 2018 um 3:16 pm

Right now my Fire 10 but for e-books my Kindle Paperwhite, unless there are lots of maps or illustrations, to avoid eye strain and easier to hold.

Mary July 8, 2018 um 8:14 pm

The original Kindle Oasis. I do have an Oasis 2 but was bummed out that they never produced a cover like the first one. A full cover makes it too heavy and no cover ever makes me too nervous. I made it a quilted slip case and do use it coverless when the original Oasis is charging. I also read on my mini iPad, but only books from Scribd and Hoopla.

Thomas July 8, 2018 um 11:03 pm

I mostly read on a Fire tablet using a sideloaded FBReader app.

Janet July 9, 2018 um 10:39 am

Cover like the original except cheaper and doesn’t show scratches and fingerprints.

Mary July 9, 2018 um 2:21 pm

Janet, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the link to the cover I want for the Oasis 2. I have ordered one. That is exactly what I wanted, and now can use that Oasis more than I have been.

Janet July 15, 2018 um 8:48 pm

I hope you love it. 🙂

Mary July 15, 2018 um 9:18 pm

Janet, I do love the Oasis 2 cover you recommended. Thank you again

Hannah Steenbock July 9, 2018 um 4:17 am

I’m late to the party…

I read books mostly on an ancient b/w Kindle that has no back light and uses buttons to turn the page. I love it. It’s exactly what I want.

I have a protective cover that also allows me to prop it up. And when I hold the Kindle, I can slip two fingers into the cover, turn the page with my thumb and thus read by holding it in just one hand.


Now, I use the internet with a PC, so I’m reading this on a nice big screen, and I’m typing on a real keyboard. That’s how I want it.

Janet July 9, 2018 um 10:13 am

Kindle Oasis 2. Was using a Boyue Likebook Plus until the bluetooth stopped working. Have had most kindles since the first, kobos and nooks, gave up paperbacks when I got the first kindle. I prefer e-ink for reading.

Patrick West July 9, 2018 um 10:51 am

Kindle Paperwhite (fiction, some nonfiction)
Kindle DX (PDFs ie white papers, free tech books)
iPad Mini2 (Bible and bible study material)

Robin Deffendall July 9, 2018 um 11:54 am

I read linear stuff, like novels exclusively on my iPad. Nonfiction material, like magazines, writing books and research material I prefer in hard copy.

Clyde Burns July 9, 2018 um 12:16 pm

late to the party. Out on vacation last week.

Kobo Aura one limited edition. The 32gb waterproof one. This site provided oodles of information that helped me decide on it.

And I still use my laptop with either calibre or kindle pc app too.

The Rodent July 9, 2018 um 6:38 pm

Mantano "Bookari" Pro on a Schok SM7216 (7 inch) tablet.

Sue Beckwith July 10, 2018 um 12:46 pm

Kobo aura One

Tony Butka July 11, 2018 um 5:21 pm

Mostly a Kindle Paperwhite and a Kobo Aura. The tablets like my $50 Kindle fire don’t hold a charge long enough to be really useful as readers.

Tim July 15, 2018 um 8:12 pm

Currently working through some physical books in a 'to be read' pile that had gone neglected for a while, but when I read on a device it is my Kindle Keyboard. If I go to another device, it will probably be one of the e-ink Kindles – primarily for battery life. One disappointment: my local paper does not have a Kindle issue even though some of the papers put out by the owners (Gannett) offer that.

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