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The Dasung Paperlike Pro Monitor Features Faster Response Times, Carta E-ink Screen (video)

Dasung is now showing off their third-generation E-ink monitor, the Paperlike Pro. This model has been upgraded with a Carta E-ink screen and an HDMI port, and is going to ship next month.

You can see the new Paperlike Pro monitor on the right:

Originally launched at CES 2015, the Paperlike monitor from Dasung was the first monitor to feature an E-ink screen.

The first model shipped in the summer of 2015 with incomplete drivers and faulty hardware (I heard numerous reports of dead monitors). The second, much-improved model was crowd-funded and shipped last summer, and was absolutely worth buying.

The current model cost $700 when sold through Indiegogo last summer, and it was simply the best solution for Computer Vision Syndrome.

And now there is a third model. While it has the same screen resolution ( 1200 x 1600), the new HDMI port means that the new model will respond faster. And as you can see in the video, the newer screen tech simply looks and works a lot better than the screen on the current model.

I don’t have details on how much the new model will cost, but I will have that info by the time my review unit arrives next month.

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Piotr June 2, 2017 um 6:00 pm

As per Dasung’s twitter account, it will have better resolution (2200×1650) than the previous one (hence Carta).

Nate Hoffelder June 2, 2017 um 6:11 pm

Thank for the correction; they told me different in the email.

Eric June 3, 2017 um 1:16 pm

I’m currently using the Gen 2 unit on a Mac. The only resolution and bit depth that provides a reasonable refresh rate is 5 shades of gray and 800×600 resolution. I’ll be interested to know what the refresh rates are for the different resolutions and bit depths and whether Dasung is using the IMX.7 processor for the Pro.

Waeh June 3, 2017 um 3:16 pm

Boy, what am I supposed to buy? So many interesting devices upcoming and available at present. Boox Max, DPT-RP1, Paperlike Pro. I need more money.

Jason van Gumster June 7, 2017 um 12:02 pm

I’d *really* love to see if one of this could be made to run off of a Raspberry Pi. With terminal-only output, that could become an excellent distraction-free writing appliance.

???????E Ink??????Paperlike Pro????? – HDMI?????? June 7, 2017 um 8:35 pm

[…] Pro???????????????????(Hacker News?The Digital Reader)????????E […]

Alexandru June 21, 2017 um 8:22 am

I wonder if it will still rely on software drivers as heavily as the USB models. Since it has a hdmi connection, I see the potential for plug and play operation, just like any normal monitor. THAT would be truly amazing, given the dubious quality of previous Dasung drivers.

Duke July 31, 2017 um 4:46 am

Late last summmer I had a meeting with Eink and they showed me the then next gen screen that the Pro uses. There was a WIP chipset in the middle, but it was a HDMI plug and play into my Orange Pi Pc+. We even watched a bit of Game of Thrones!

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