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Demo Video: Dasung Paperlike Pro + Youtube

The Paperlike Pro is basically the be-all and end-all for E-ink monitors. It’s the only model on the market with an HDMI port and it has the best software drivers, and even works well with an iPhone.

It’s a pretty good monitor, but it does have its limitations. For example, in spite of optimistic claims by Dasung, the Pro can’t really display video or 3d games.

A couple weeks back a reader challenged me to how what the Pro could do with video. He thought the official demo video from Dasung looked pretty impressive because it briefly showed the Pro playing video, but as anyone who follows tech news can tell you, we simply cannot trust an official demo video to be honest.

Device makers frequently stretch the truth – or at least give it a good polish – in order to make their product look its best.

That’s why I shot this quick demo video showing the Paperlike Pro playing a Youtube video.

The Paperlike Pro has a 13.3″ E-ink screen. The official resolution is 1200 x 1600, but I have found that it works best to simply mirror my laptop’s screen (with a 1366 x 768 resolution display). This stretches the screen' contents a little but it’s still quite usable for many uses like typing.

Just not for video. It’s not only that videos don’t look good, but also that the signal was lost at least twice during this brief demo.

So video is out – and so are games, for that matter.

And that really is okay, because the Pro was never intended for gaming or videos. It’s an E-ink display, and it was really intended for work – word processing and the like.

I would not have criticized its inability to display a video if I had not had to debunk a claim made by the manufacturer, but here we are.

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DASUNG August 20, 2017 um 9:23 pm

Dear Nate, 16 mode speed is the same with e-readers.16 mode just suitable for read static image. We did not lie. You witnessed DASUNG professional E Ink monitor from demo(2015 CES) to this second version product.Thank you for your support with us:) We recommend to use DASUNG "Floyd" mode. Floyd mode is faster than e-readers.In China, most people use Floyd mode. By the way, I suggest you to adjust the contrast to shallow(this function is in software). As you know, adjust the contrast can let image show clearly. This is a video about Paperlike Pro Floyd mode. Original video.

Nate Hoffelder August 20, 2017 um 9:44 pm

I did not say – in this post – that you lied. But let’s be honest – your video was misleading.

But thanks for reminding me about the contrast. Yes, we can adjust the contrast, but that doesn’t help much in Floyd mode. I tried it and either ended up with a video washing out to either white or black.

Lesnikus August 21, 2017 um 10:03 am

I do not understand why the image periodically freezes and every two minutes it is necessary to press the "clear" button? It looks like a defect !!!

Lesnikus August 23, 2017 um 5:30 am

I counted the exact number of frames per second that Dasung gives. Counted in the video editor for a timer.
Floyd mode – 6 fps
A2 mode-6 fps

Unfortunately, this is less than on the Nook Simple Touch. I expected that the Dasung would not be worse.
Nook with a "fast refresh mode" patch gives out 8 fps. Two additional frames per second give more comfort for viewing video and games. Dasung shows fewer frames per second and it upsets me.

I do not know if I should buy it now or wait for reviews on the final Carta version. Maybe there will be two frames added with Carta display?

The Dasung Paperlike Pro E-ink Monitor is What Every Author Needs | The Digital Reader September 26, 2017 um 6:24 pm

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