Summary: Th(ink) E-reader Summit (pt 1)

There was a half day conference this morning that was put on by MediaIdeas, a consulting and analysis firm. It had 5 sessions; some were useful, some not. There was a fair amount of excellent information presented in the 1st and 3rd sessions, and I'll include as much detail as I can. But I'm going to skip the 2nd and 4th.

The 2nd session really turned me off because it felt like the presenter was preaching. The topic was Why Understanding E-readers is Critical to Your Career Path, and I think it was redundant, myself. The session felt like filler material. I'm also skipping most of the 4th session because it covered only future predictions. As a rule, I don't repeat analyst's predictions. The odds of them coming true are so low that it feels to me like I'm repeating a lie.

There is one prediction that I am going to mention even though the prediction has already occurred.  From the way the presenter was speaking, I don't think he realized this, and his cluelessness makes me wonder about his value as an analyst. The prediction was about revenue models for digital content. I took photos of the slides. They're mildly interesting but not that surprising.

One overwhelming feeling I got today was that the presenters were not technologists; they were publishers (or at least had that mind set). I was frankly stunned by how many times I heard pagination in reference to digital content.  They're trying to think of ways to bring a whole magazine to a mobile device, and that simply isn't possible on any screen smaller than 9".

This post is rather long, so I'll continue the summary in the next post.

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