Did Samsung cancel their 10″ e-reader becuase of the iPad?

Business Week had an interesting article on Samsung yesterday. I'm still not sure that they have their facts straight.

The topic of the article was how companies were responding to the iPad. This was what was said about Samsung:

On stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Samsung executive Doug Albregts showed off the Korean electronics giant's new e-book reader. It had a 10-inch display, a slide-out control pad, and could download books from Barnes & Noble (BKJ). Users would be able to make notes and doodle on the virtual page. "Our goal at Samsung, whenever we enter a new arena, is not simply to join the conversation but to transform and lead in a new direction," Albregts told the audience.

This month, days before the eReader was to hit stores, Samsung delayed the launch and called the device back for retooling, said a company employee who asked not to be named. Samsung may add a color screen, 3G wireless capability, and a better battery, this person says. "Samsung is revisiting its approach to the ereader market in the U.S.," spokeswoman Katie Seifert said in a statement.

There are a couple problems with the details. I've held the E101 in my hands, and it  doesn't have a slide out control pad.  The screen is also 9.7", not 10", but that's not a big deal.

Business Week could be right, or it could be wrong. I have found reports  for Europe and Australia that the large screen ereader will be sold there. But, I didn't find a press release that actually _announced_ that the E101 would be sold. All I've found was that it was on display at conventions and trade shows. The only actual product launches that I've found are for the 2 6" ereaders. This leads me to think that BW might be right.

The only solid data I have on when the E101 will be released is from a press conference that happened the day before CES 2010. CES happened before the iPad announcement, and the fact that we haven't heard anything new since then is a point in BW's favor.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I think BW is right.

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