Morning Links 22 June 2010

This is a collection of links for Tuesday the 22nd.

11 Bestselling Book Apps For Adults And Kids

When you go to the app store, look for the best books. Yes, instead of searching for Twitter, Facebook, a navigational or weather app for your iPad, iPhone or Droid, go to the app store to buy book apps.

The Future of Storytelling: A Participatory Endeavor

You can become your own director. Or you can decide to have a lean-back experience. So it’s not like playing a video game. You don’t constantly have to be pressing buttons or moving around to make the story advance. But if you want to invest more in it, you can get more in return.

Tech-savvy students still favor print textbooks

Today's college students -- as much as they crave technology and are accustomed to using digital gadgets -- strongly favor print textbooks, a new study shows. The report from the National Association of College Stores, of which the Boulder campus bookstore is a part, shows that 74 percent of students prefer printed textbooks.

Taming (or Not) the Textbook Market

A recent article at Inside Higher Ed, “Taming the Textbook by Market” by Steven J. Bell, takes yet another look at the ever-increasing price of textbooks and posits yet another solution to the problem. As he writes: “What if instead of being forced to buy a $160 textbook, your students had access to a compendium of online resources handpicked and customized by you [the instructor], and available at no cost to them, unless they preferred to purchase a low-cost, print-on-demand copy?”

Tech-savvy students still favor print textbooks

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