Google, Apple have joined the IDPF – Hell to freeze over?

There's no actual announcement, but according to the current members page on the IDPF website both Google and Apple joined in July 2010. I'm still looking for the press release.

I'm surprised on 2 counts. I thought Google had joined some time back, and that Apple would never join. Shows what I know.

P.S. No, Hell has not frozen over. Amazon still haven't joined.

About the IDPF

The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is a trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing and content consumption.

The work of the IDPF promotes the development of electronic publishing applications and products that will benefit creators of content, makers of reading systems, and consumers.  The IDPF develops and maintains the EPUB content publication standard that enables the creation and transport of reflowable digital books and other types of content as digital publications that are interoperable between disparate EPUB-compliant reading devices and applications.

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2 Comments on Google, Apple have joined the IDPF – Hell to freeze over?

  1. There’s only one reason for both of those companies to join: to gang up and kill Adobe’s dominance over it. Adobe’s ePub rendering engine is absolute garbage and I could see Google and Apple advocating for replacing it with WebKit. Now HP better wake the hell up and join too.

    • Oh Dear God YES!

      I’ve seen the difference between Adobe and Webkit (calibre uses it, among others). I do not have words to say how much I prefer Webkit.

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