Gemei GM2000

You might recall this tablet from a few weeks back. This is the one that so many blogs erroneously reported as having both E-ink and LCD screen options. I giggled madly when I read that; I couldn't beleive there were that many fools out there. FYI: that so-called screen option is impossible and any gadget blogger should have been able to figure that out.

I ordered the GM2000 from and I won't be buying from that site again. My unit arrived with a crack in the screen. It broke because the seller didn't package it very well. It was shipped in a basic bubble envelope with no padding, just the retail box. And the retail box itself isn't enough packaging. If I had bought it in a store I would have opened the box just to make sure it wasn't damaged; that's how flimsy the box is.

Curiously enough, this is the first time that I've seen this particular kind of screen damage. The only thing that broke was the touch screen layer. The LCD is fine. But as we see more cheap Chinese tablets I bet we'll see more cracked screens like this.

It's a beautiful tablet. It's fairly heavy but a lot thinner than I was expecting. I didn't think to get the cables so I can't test the output, but it really does have ports for HDTV and HDMI out. It has just the 4 buttons on the front (power, enter, and 2 arrow keys).

Once someone puts a decent menu system on this baby it will be a heck of a media device. As it stands it's really not easy to use (at least, not with a broken touch screen).


You're probably not going to see one of these outside of China, and if you do the screen will probably be broken. I would avoid this tablet just to be safe.

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  1. Hi, what a about battery life how long does it last could please give info about that?

  2. Damn can you give any comment about it?

  3. I think you meet a bad store, and, i think you don’t make a good communicate with the store. But, not all of Chinese store will like that you bought your GM2000. We sell many digital devices, such as CUBE H900HD, CUBE G10, CUBE U6, we all will package very well, because we think that the device will ship far away, so the package is the most important. We get no damage feedback until now. So, I think before you shop for something, you’d better make a good communication with the store, and announce that the package must be good. I hope this suggestion will help you. 🙂
    And, don’t lose your belief with chinese products. 🙂

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