Gutenberg eReader Android app launched

I actually found the press release late last night, but I held it because I'm not sure if it's an official Project Gutenberg app. The press release tries to sound like it is, but PG have never charged for access before. (This app costs $3.99.) Also, none of the big names with PG are quoted in the press release. It smells fishy to me.BTW, I'm pretty sure that Aldiko can also access PG ebooks, and it's free. Could someone double check?

From the press release:

The new Gutenberg eReader Android app, which delivers free ebooks on demand, is now shipping through the Google Android Market. The Gutenberg eReader provides an intuitive interface to browse through the Project Gutenberg catalog and lets users read any ebook on the device.

Reading enthusiasts can catch up on the latest Project Gutenberg releases with the stylish and sleek new user interface. The beautiful icons and large titles allow customers to easily navigate through hundreds of categories, such as Science Fiction, Children's Literature, Poetry, and Fantasy, etc. The attractive user interface works on any Android phone or tablet devices. A variety of searches--author, title, subject, Google--help the users find exactly what they are looking for.

The Gutenberg eReader remembers the book that the user is reading and will take the user back to the same location in the book after the reader is started. The user can browse the catalog and read the ebooks from virtually anywhere on the Android phone or tablet device. It also lets the user share eBooks with friends and family.

Quick & Easy eBook Access Through Project Gutenberg

The integration of the entire Project Gutenberg ebook library ensures that customers have quick and convenient access. The Gutenberg eReader downloads the catalog and book directly from the library, therefore, the customers will always have the latest information and the newest ebook revisions. Customers will find it simple to browse, search, and read ebook content in seconds from the Project Gutenberg library.

Superior Customer Experience Through User-Friendly Interface

The Gutenberg eReader delivers an excellent user experience through a multitude of features and functions, including:

Remembers the ebook you are reading.
Returns you to the same position in the ebook.
Supports HTML eBook format.
Runs on all Google Android phones and tablets.
Search by author, title, and subject.
Provids full Google search capability.
Sharing ebooks.
Access the entire Project Gutenberg library anywhere.

Availability and Price

The Gutenberg eReader has a Retail Price of $3.99. It is available for immedate download on Google Market. And customers can try it for 24 hours with no risk.

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  1. Aldiko users can add Project Gutenberg catalog in their custom catalog in Aldiko app, then they can browse the Project Gutenberg catalog like other built-in catalogs in Aldiko app

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