E-ink set new income record in September

E-ink just posted their income for September. The total revenue was NT$2,118.88, which is up about a 3rd from August and up 42% from last September.

EIH's consolidated revenues totaled NT$2.12 billion (US$68.97 million) in September. Consolidated revenues for the third quarter totaled NT$5.27 billion, up about 2% compared to the second quarter. Consolidated revenues for the first three quarters of 2010 were NT$15.45 billion, increasing 39.08% on year.

E-ink had been having a flat year, but now their sales have picked up. I wonder who is buying the screens? I don't think it was Sony or Amazon that caused this increase. They would have been buying the screens before September (in order to get the devices made in time).

We will probably be seeing a couple new ereaders on the market in the next few months.


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  1. 1- That works out to something like 1-1.2 million screens worth of revenue depending on the size and tech mix.

    2- Not sure what accounting practices are common in Taiwan or what E-ink uses but revenue recognized/reported in Sept could easily reflect screens delivered as far back as June (net 90-day) so the odds are pretty good that that 33% boost over august is in fact the K3 launch bulge.

    3- 40% year over year growth, huh? 2010 worldwide sales are estimated to be something like 10 million, no? Growing to maybe 15 million annually by the end of 2011 so 1-1.5 million screens a month (average) looks about right. Of course, with declining per-screen prices, revenue is likely to show lower growth than that 50% year over year projection but unless SiPix finds a way to be competitive fast, E-ink is going to be sitting pretty for a while. At least until color screens become practical in the 2012+ timeframe.

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