First Vook now available in the Kindle Store

Mike Cane tipped me to the first Vook title in the Kindle Store.  It's by Anne Rice, and the title is The Master of Rampling Gate. This is Anne Rice's first short story about vampires, and it was originally published in 1991. The Vook edition is 97MB in size, and it just went live today.I downloaded the Vook. Now that was a waste of $6. Pass.

This story comes with 7 videos, with a total length of around 10 minutes. I'd really only recommend them for the hardcore Anne Rice fan becuase they're not integral to the story. If you get another edition you'll never notice the absence.

BTW, I found a rather irritating problem. This ebook has a number of words with links (so you can find the definition). Unfortunately, the links go to Wikipedia, which kills the reading experience. Why weren't the definitions bundled into the ebook? Heck, do you need the links anymore? The iOS Kindle app has a dictionary.

I'm not opposed to the idea of a Vook, but so far I haven't seen one with video that actually adds value. The several I've seen basically had the video slapped on top of an existing story. I really have to wonder why they're worth the bother of bundling into the Vook; why not just stream the video from the web?


P.S. If anyone happens to be doing something interesting with embedded video, please let me know. My objection here isn't the art form itself but the way it is being executed.

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