Liquavista announce first flexible electrowetting screen (video)

Liquavista just sent me a copy of the press release for their latest screen demo. They've just gotten their new screen tech working on a flexible display.From the press release:

Today, Liquavista BV., announced the creation of the first flexible electrowetting displays. These prototypes demonstrate yet another dimension to the versatility of Liquavista’s display technology, adding lower weight, robustness and conformability to the bright, colourful low power video capabilities.

“We’re really excited to be able to demonstrate yet another significant benefit of electrowetting display technology with the development of these prototypes.” Said Guy Demuynck, CEO Liquavista.  “Bringing to market a unique display that can run video in color at low power and has the added advantage of an unbreakable screen which is lightweight, thin, flexible and robust will enable consumer electronics manufacturers to increase the durability of devices, reduce manufacturing costs and create new product designs to open up new markets.

“This new prototype is a first important step in paving the way for high volume manufacture of displays on flexible substrates” added Johan Feenstra, Liquavista’s CTO and Founder, “This clearly demonstrates that electrowetting technology is not only compatible with standard glass substrates but can in fact be manufactured on any substrate.”

The pace at which we have been able to continue to show advanced technology features is further proof of the simplicity and versatility of our technology.”

Liquavista’s displays are based on the principles of electrowetting and bring bright and colourful images and video that ensures excellent indoor and outdoor readability but uses dramatically less battery power.

The technology is uniquely suited for colour and video electronic paper displays because of its very high reflectivity and its intrinsically fast video-rate switching speed.  It is ideal for manufacture on flexible substrates as it does not require high temperature processing, has no demanding encapsulation requirements and is independent on cell gap variations.

In the future, consumers will want products that not only support full color and video but offer readability in all lighting conditions and gives them the freedom and portability of paper. Liquavista’s displays possess all the features to fulfil this desire.

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