Black Friday e-reader sales roundup

Quite a few stores will be offering an ereader for their Black Friday sales (on the day after Thanksgiving). I've been waiting to write this post until I was sure all the adverts had been leaked. I'm pretty sure I got them all.The Sharper Image Literati, a Kindle clone with  a 7" LCD screen, will be on sale at 4 stores (I thought Sears would have it but now I can't find the advert). I wouldn't get it, myself. Here's the review (white and black).

  • Best Buy (black model) $119
  • Macy's (black model) $129
  • Kohl's (white model) $99
  • Hastings (black model) $129

The Shift3 Lookbook, a poor relation of the Literati, will also be on sale at CVS for $118 (review).

The Aluratek Libre will be sold by Sears for $89, which is $30 off the Borders retail. This one might be worth getting.

You probably already read this, but Best Buy will have the Nook Wifi on sale on Friday for $99. That's $50 off retail, but good luck trying to get one.

Augen's The Book (another 7" LCD Kindle Clone) has shown up in a Menards's add for $69 on Black Friday (review). This might actually be the best value of the day. I thought it was a decent ereader, and at $69 it's not a big risk.

The Pandigital Novel tablet will make an appearance at Best Buy, Kmart, and Radio Shack. Best Buy will be selling the black Novel for $139 and Radio Shack will carry the white one for $149 (snicker). Yes, RD is rather pathetic in this regard. They just announced the Sony PRS-300 in yesterday's advert.

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5 thoughts on “Black Friday e-reader sales roundup

  1. >>>The Aluratek Libre will be sold by Sears for $89, which is $30 off the Borders retail.

    That depends on what frikkin day it is at Borders! Went from $119 to $99 back to $119 and is now $99 again!

    1. Also, I’m real pissed Sony isn’t doing something. They just ran two promos: $50 card for eBooks (which they wouldn’t clarify for me) and a free cover with light. But I’ve seen zero for Black Friday. This is just screwy. I’d like to see that $50 card return.

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