Copia now out of beta

The long awaited social reading platform Copia has finally ended beta testing, and is now available to the general public. You can sign up at Right now you can download the Windows or OSX desktops or you can get the iPad app in iTunes. But before you do anything be sure to go to the site and register (you can't do it from inside the app).

It looks like they also have a Windows Phone 7 app, but I'm not sure and there's no press release yet. (Copia hasn't officially launched yet.)

As part of the launch, you can download 7 free ebooks from the Copia ebookstore. (If you're wondering about prices, well, it's a newly launched ebookstore.) I should note that it's not your usual ebookstore. Instead, paper and ebooks are gathered together based on category, popularity, recommendations, etc. That's a novel approach, but it isn't conducive to buying an ebook. I can't see a way to select for only titles that I am able to buy.

So I mentioned that the WinXP app was available, and yes, you can finally read an ebook. The reading experiences is okay but nothing special, and you have several annotation options (highlight, bookmark, and typed notes). Unfortunately, I can't find a way to delete an annotation.  On the upside, with Copia you can see other user's annotations. That could be interesting.

Curiously enough, you can't use the desktop app for the social networking features; that has to be done on the website.

I'm going to pass on this platform. I already have preferred reading apps, and I'm already a member of a number of online communities. Copia really doens't do anything I need.

P.S. I was tlaking about Copia on Twitter, and someone reminded me to "be careful not to authorize their desktop app with a different ID than ADE on the same machine." He's right. When you set up the Copia account, be sure you use the same email that you used for Adobe DE.  Bad things will happen if you don't.

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  1. The Copia just doesn’t work for me. I don’t read on a computer, I read an ereader that I CAN carry with me, or I read from a real paper book. Both items completely portable, both readable in almost any environment. The Copia started out with a lot of hype about what sounded to be among the top ereaders in development, but they appear to have dropped them for this “social experiment”. Don’t think it’s gonna work, not without the ereaders to help support it!

  2. Tried it. Can’t see why I need it. Next!

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