Skytex Primer shows up at Walmart as the Ematics EB101P – $80

I just came across another 7" LCD ereader on Walmart's website (they have the best ereader selection anywhere). You might recognize the hardware; I've reviewed it before as the Skytex Primer and apparently Skytex isn't the only company to put their logo on it.

It's  based on a 7" LCD screen, and it has 4GB Flash, a microSD card slot,  and in general the same file support as the Primer. For $80, it's a decent ereader. What you give up in ability you make back in the low price.

In case you're interested, here is my review of the Skytex Primer.

P.S. If the color makes you want to vomit, don't worry; it's also available in black.

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  1. SKYTEX Primer 7″ Color aka Ematic EB101B 7 eBook Reader requires 4 full discharges and overnight charges to get you at optimal battery life (13 hrs reading or 3.5 hrs video). You risk turning it into a brick if you don’t do this. It can play 720p MKV’s but the audio won’t sync. Audio will sync if video is kept at or below it’s 800×480 resolution and I found WMV format to be best if you are downscale converting HD clips. No luck with Apple MOV format. YouTube FLV’s played fine. DIVX files play if extension is renamed to AVI.

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