Blio gets an update – TTS still horrible

I was checking my reading apps this weekend and I noticed that Blio had an update available.  Don't download it just yet.

They haven't ironed the bugs out of the update process. It bollocked my copy of Blio and I ended up having to go download the full install file and use it to repair the Blio app.

But I also wouldn't bother with the app becuase I cannot see any changes.  I don't see any new reading options or any new way to annotate the ebooks. And of course the most important feature, the TTS, is still horrifyingly bad. I wonder when they're going to get to that?

They're going to have to, at some point. When Baker & Taylor demoed Blio, 2 of selling points were the free download and the great TTS. They were pitching the app based on (in part) these 2 features, so I really do expect to have them both.

If they never follow through then there's going to be a huge difference between what they pitched and what they delivered.  And there won't be a good reason for it other than their marketing department really should have known not to promise what they couldn't deliver.

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2 Comments on Blio gets an update – TTS still horrible

  1. Any thoughts about when Blio will be functional?

  2. fail, no blio ipod touch app still or iphone compelete fail, plus even if their was a iOS 4 or iphone app, theirs going to be no TTS support for your ipod touch to read the books to you, now if they could put both the app out with a TTS voice from NeoSpeech BRITISH ENGLISH VOICE, BRIDGET, the best one, I think people would buy it, theirs a lot of people that like leting their computers with this brand of voice read it too them the most human like voice I have heard to they date, now if the voice could sound more english than british that would be great too, their newest voice works better than their other voices but their no bad , just a little less human sounding , what do you think about these voices, have you tried them? could you see a ipod or iphone app, that reads ebooks with neospeech voices yet? I don’t think they exist , the only one that comes close to this looks like their ebooks app, called vbookz but it does not use a neospeech voice yet

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