Random House to release “Ebook Insider” ebook sampler in time for Christmas

Random House are planning ahead for all the ereader that people are going to be giving for Christmas. They’ve released an ebook sampler with a selection of all their latest titles. It’s called The Ebook Insider, and you can find it here.

For some reason it’s an 5"x8" PDF. I wonder why they didn’t just make it a website? It’s already unusable on most ereaders; it needs a 9? screen. Oh, they’re blinkered by the iPad, aren’t they? (I had to write the screen size before I realized it, actually.)

If you look through the sampler, you'll see that most if not all the titles are already on the bestseller's list. These are titles that don't need the help to boost sales, and I wonder why RH didn't fill this with mid list titles.

I’m beginning to get the feeling that the RH marketing department came up with this without consulting the ebook geeks. Look at the ereader in the lead image.Obviously it doesn’t exist, but just as obvious is the fact that it was photoshopped by someone who knew nothing about ereaders (and didn’t bother to ask for help).

I want that ereader, and I’m waiting to hear back from RH on where they got it. /jk If you want to see the image full size, check out the Knopf DoubleDay website.

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  1. It`s also available at Amazon.

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