First look at the New Mirasol E-reader!

Do you recall the press release for the Pocketbook Mirasol ereader that I leaked back in November? That device was at the top of my thoughts for CES, but unfortunately, I haven't found any new info on it.

But I was sent a link to this video. Apparently they posted it to Youtube in anticipation of the announcement. (It's after the break.)

I'm guessing that this is the 5.7" screen we've seen before. The only details I can discern is that it runs Android and has a camera, accelerometer, and a capacitive touchscreen (look for the pinch-zoom). Also, the shape of the case reminds me of the Pocketbook IQ. The big margin around the screen and the 4 buttons at the bottom would also suggest that they've retrofitted an existing design.

I'll find out more tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “First look at the New Mirasol E-reader!

  1. Looks exciting. But, this is obviously PR from Qualcomm, not an upcoming reader from Pocketbook. I’ll be more excited when we hear from Pocketbook, hopefully this week.

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