Tired of your Kindle? Have I got a deal for you

There's a bookstore in Portland, Oregon that will take your Kindle as a trade in for store credit. Microcosm Publishing are running  this offer to the end of the month, and it's only good at their store (mail-in not accepted). So someone has to be there in person (which they would anyway, in order to haul away the loot).

The offer is for either $139 or $189  in store credit (not cash), and it's only good for the Kindle.

I don't know if they really thought this through.  I checked, and I was told that the offer was good for any Kindle, and they didn't specify that it had to work. I have a dead original Kindle (and a friend in the area). I'm tempted to send it to my friend as a belated birthday gift.

Check before you go. I'm not sure they'll accept old or dead Kindles.


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4 Comments on Tired of your Kindle? Have I got a deal for you

  1. Interesting idea. Are they thinking that e-book readers will flock back to p-book if they get free books?

  2. If this is the whole story and if they only accept working kindles it is an offer so utterly stupid it defies belief.

    A kindle can house hundreds of books, free ones, ones you pay for..

    And all those other benefits .. dictionary, text to speech, free web access

    Fair suck of the sauce bottle, I mean why would ya ???

  3. Actually, I think they just want people to trade in their Kindles and get an open device instead. Kindle is the only e-reader that doesn’t let users buy books from independent bookstores, so I’m thinking about doing this at my bookstore too. I’d like my customers to buy a Nook instead, so they can get their e-books from me.

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