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New update available for Kindle 4 PC

So Amazon released a new update for the Kindle4PC reading app yesterday. The new version adds support for page numbers, popular highlights, and better touchscreen support on Win7 tablets.

The page number idea always struck me as a little silly. If a title comes out in paperback and hardback, which set of page numbers do you use? What if there's a revised edition, or a second printing?  I'd much rather settle on a new method of recording location within an ebook than graft an (in the long run) unworkable old system onto new technology.

But I'd say the new touchscreen support is more important.

Speaking of updates, I somehow managed to miss the one from last November, when Amazon added dictionary support, a multi-column reading mode, and better library management. The new multi-column mode really makes the app a lot mroe usable.


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  1. The Kindle is slowly becoming a very interesting platform. Including Instapaper, a lot of people are making some really cool things. I recently made a note-taking app that works with the Kindle — check it out at

  2. I found on using the Kobo, that knowing page numbers is important so that you can tell how far in a book you are. The books that come free on the Kobo only give you the chapter and page number within that chapter. Same goes for books purchased wirelessly from Kobo. But if you use Adobe DRM to load your books, you get regular page numbers.

    I know that there is a difference in the page number on a device and the page number in a book. Even paperbacks and hardcovers have different number of pages. The point is to have a frame of reference.

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