Asus eeeNote to sell for “under $200” in the US

One of Asus' official blogs just posted a promo post for the eeeNote. Asus are promising that the eeeNote, their ereader with a grayscale LCD screen, will be available "soon"  with a retail under $200.If that is for real, then the ereader market just flipped upside down again. With that retail price it's a serious threat to the Nook, Kindle, NookColor, everything. Hell, with 13 hours battery life it's a threat to Android tablets.The eeeNote is based on a unique low power LCD screen, and it has Wifi, a Wacom touch screen, microSD card slot, speakers, a microphone, and judging from the video it has a pretty impressive set of apps.There's a demo video after the break.

via Campus Life

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5 Comments on Asus eeeNote to sell for “under $200” in the US

  1. Wcom touchscreen?
    Would that be a Wacom *digitizer* screen?
    If its a Wacom it’s not touch based as all, but rather pen-based. And very accurate. *If* the CPU and software are up to it.

  2. Good to see somebody “Think Different”.

  3. wow, freaky ad. you know what would make it even better? if it ran android. har har.

  4. It says 2540 dpi in the ad. I usually I see LCD tablets listing dpi at 170-200.

    Is this because it is eInk or is it referring to something else?

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