Asus eeeNote to sell for “under $200″ in the US

One of Asus' official blogs just posted a promo post for the eeeNote. Asus are promising that the eeeNote, their ereader with a grayscale LCD screen, will be available "soon"  with a retail under $200.

If that is for real, then the ereader market just flipped upside down again. With that retail price it's a serious threat to the Nook, Kindle, NookColor, everything. Hell, with 13 hours battery life it's a threat to Android tablets.

The eeeNote is based on a unique low power LCD screen, and it has Wifi, a Wacom touch screen, microSD card slot, speakers, a microphone, and judging from the video it has a pretty impressive set of apps.

There's a demo video after the break.

via Campus Life

10 thoughts on “Asus eeeNote to sell for “under $200″ in the US

  1. Wcom touchscreen?
    Would that be a Wacom *digitizer* screen?
    If its a Wacom it’s not touch based as all, but rather pen-based. And very accurate. *If* the CPU and software are up to it.

  2. It says 2540 dpi in the ad. I usually I see LCD tablets listing dpi at 170-200.

    Is this because it is eInk or is it referring to something else?

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