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Overdrive, Evernote now support the NookColor

I was sorting through my notes today and I realized that I missed something from BEA.

This hasn't been officially announced, but OverDrive added improved support for the NookColor when they updated  their Android app this week. I learned about this when i spoke to an OverDrive rep BEA. You should be able to find the app on the OverDrive website.

Evernote also updated the Android version of their note taking app, and this update also has tweaks for the NookColor. Curiously enough, the latest version of the app is only available in the Android Market, where NC owners can't get it.

I know this is small news, but I thought it was interesting.

2 Comments on Overdrive, Evernote now support the NookColor

  1. The Evernote App has been available on the NC store for a few weeks now.

  2. Thanks for correcting me.

    Is there any way I can find that info on the web? There doesn’t appear to be a website for the NC app store (other than on the device).

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