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Velocity Micro Cruz T410 Android tablet Clears the FCC

A few weeks back I told you that Velocity Micro had started clearing out existing stock of their Android tablets. Today I can tell you why. VM sent a new 10" Android tablet through the FCC earlier this week.  I don't have the full specs, but I've figured out a thing or 2 from the pictures and the manual.

The T410  has a 10" screen, a single camera, Wifi, microSD card slot, speaker, and a capacitive touchscreen. I'm not sure of the resolution of either the camera or the screen, but I can tell you that the screenshots in the manual suggest that it is running Gingerbread. The internal photos reveal that it has a 1GHz Samsung Cortex-A8 CPU.

It's going to ship with a lot of apps, including Youtube, Kindle, Angry Birds Rio,  and the Amazon Appstore.

Depending on the price, this could be an interesting tablet. It's the second 10" budget Gingerbread tablet that I've seen this week, and I have to say that I'm both surprised and not surprised.  These tablets will be competing in the same size factor as the iPad and other premium tablets and yet they have much weaker specs.  On the other hand, I did predict that 7" tablets would end up being replaced by large screen tablets. It looks like I'm right in at least this one case.

There's no word on price or release date.


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2 Comments on Velocity Micro Cruz T410 Android tablet Clears the FCC

  1. Aside from the NookColor — and perhaps original Galaxy Tab — most 7″ tablets are just crap in one way or another. The HTC Flyer feels like crap, Best Buy tried to screw people on the stylus, and there’s just no reason to want it (especially with the stylus being required to take screensnaps!).

    Had the HP TouchPad Go come along, it could have changed things.

    And even though you don’t believe it, so will the 7″ Amazon Tablet.

  2. The acer A100 is getting good reviews from actual users.

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