Weekly Roundup – 5 October 2011

Here are the top posts from the past week at TDR.

The new Nook dominated the news, of course, with the new Nook Tablet and $99 Nook Touch coming as a surprise (to most). The Sony Reader Wifi hack continue to draw a crowd, and it should. I really like mine. It's growing to be my preferred ereader.

But some of the important news didn't get the attention it deserved. I wish more had read about the Wiley piracy lawsuits, future of digital comics, and the Gamestop tablets. Two of the 3 are important and the third will have an interesting effect on the tablet market as a whole.

  1. CONFIRMED: Barnes & Noble to Ship New NookColor on 7 November
  2. Updated: New NookColor Leaked – $249, Dual Core CPU
  3. Sony Reader Hacked – Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video)
  4. Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked – Still Won’t Run Angry Birds (video)
  5. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  6. RIP: Mobipocket 2000-2011
  7. Kobo Vox Delayed until 7 November
  8. Sony Reader T1 Hack Now Available
  9. What I Expect to See From B&N on Monday
  10. Nook Touch to Get Price Cut on Monday – $99
  11. NookColor Price Cut Leaked by Walmart
  12. This Could Be (Is) The Future of Digital Comics
  13. GameStop Just Started a Tablet Price War
  14. Boogie Board Rip Now Shipping (video)
  15. Barnes & Noble Now Sending Out Invites for Nook Launch – 7 November
  16. I Wouldn’t Get Too Attached to Those Amazon Prime Ebooks
  17. Wiley to Follow in RIAA Footsteps – Now Suing Ebook Pirates
  18. iBooks: how to add books without connecting to iTunes
  19. Jetbook Color confirmed for US release this fall – 9.7? E-ink screen, $350
  20. Amazon Prime Ebooks Now Live – Borrow 1 Free Ebook a Month

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