Weekly Roundup 19 November 2011

It's been a crazy week here at TDR. With the Kindle Fire, K5, and Nook Tablet all arriving the same day, I've had more gadget to write about than I've had time to write.Here are some of the top posts from this past week. As you'd expect, the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet both dominated the list but some old favorite also held their place: PDF on Android, Sony Reader hacking, and old reviews.There's one post that didn't make the list but I think it should have: Nook Touch Weird Tricks (videos). And there's also a post that I haven't written yet because I just got the tip last night. It's coming later today and if you have a Nook Tablet you will be very pleased.

  1. Nook Tablet Now Runs Kindle, Aldiko, & More – No Hack Required
  2. Nook Tablet Might Not be Hackable
  3. Amazon Hides Competitor’s Reading Apps on the Kindle Fire
  4. Nook Tablet Now in Stores (And In My Hands)
  5. How to read a PDF on an Android tablet
  6. Kindle Fire Has Been Rooted
  7. Sony Reader Wifi Hacked – Now Runs Kindle, ezPDF, and more (video)
  8. Kindle Fire Review Roundup
  9. How to Find Replacement Launchers for the Kindle Fire & Nook Tablet
  10. Inside the Kindle Touch
  11. How to Save $30/$40 on the Kindle (& Not See the Ads)
  12. Authors Guild Urges Caution on Amazon Prime Ebooks
  13. I’d Take the Nook Tablet Over the Kindle Fire
  14. Nook Tablet, Kindle Fire Have Poor HTML5 Support
  15. Sony Reader T1 Hack Now Available
  16. Jetbook Color confirmed for US release this fall – 9.7? E-ink screen, $350
  17. Slick eReader Review
  18. My Kindle Fire is Shipping Today
  19. Sony Reader x50 w\ Hacked Firmware: Review & How-To
  20. iBooks: how to add books without connecting to iTunes

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