The Kindle Fire Needs a Killer App

My Kindle Fire is proving to be a decent ebook reader and a worthy tablet. I can’t ditch my iPad though because I can’t abandon Zite or Flipboard. I consider both of them to be killer apps for the iPad platform. Neither of them were available when the iPad was launched but I’m so hooked on them now that I can’t imagine losing either one of them.

Given how long the Kindle Fire was in development I have to admit I’m disappointed that Amazon didn’t see to it that one (or both) of these apps were ported to the Android platform at launch. I can understand why the developers behind Zite and Flipboard hadn’t ported their apps to Android yet. Prior to the Fire no Android tablet made a dent in Apple’s market dominance. But everyone realized the Fire was going to change that situation, so it wouldn’t have been all that risky for either company to port to Android earlier this year. They didn’t though, so the door is wide open for someone to create a Zite-like or Flipboard-like app for the Fire.

Meanwhile, there are no apps out there that truly make the Fire unique. A cheap tablet is great but Amazon needs to make sure one or more irresistible apps get developed soon for their shiny new device. And please don’t tell me Amazon’s content and cloud strategy are the Fire’s killer app. I’m not buying it. It makes for a nice platform but delivery pipelines aren’t what make people buy (and remain loyal to a tablet). Unique apps do though, as evidenced by my need to keep lugging my iPad everywhere I go.

reposted with permission from A Kindleville blog

2 thoughts on “The Kindle Fire Needs a Killer App

  1. Joe, I agree with you, and I actually think it illustrates a bigger problem; there are no killer apps for the Android platform.
    While that may be an overstatement I think it still holds true for Android Tablets. I believe it is one of the big contributing factors to the missing Android-tablet-to-take-on-iPad situations.
    Although the Android market is growing faster that the iOS market I am not so sure we will see that killer app anytime soon. A majority of the growth is on the phone platform which by its nature excludes certain apps that really only work on Tablet size devices.
    I am a big fan of the Android market (partly because it offers an alternative to Apple), but I haven’t found a reason to get a Tablet yet. I read my books on the Kindle (yes I know ;)) and check my email on my Android phone, but still haven’t transitioned away from my PC for other stuff, due to a mix of missing content and high price of decent equipment.
    I believe that once the former gets fixed the latter will too.

  2. i think its more of an android issue than a Kindle Fire issue. Neither of those apps are on Android (for whatever reason). Since i mainly use an android phone, I have to say most of the apps I use on my phone, are on the Kindle Fire. Pulse, Sketchbook Pro, Evernote, Rdio, jsut to name a few. But to say there are no killer apps for android is a bit disingenuous. Word is google tried to buy Flipboard but they declined so google is reportedly building a flipboard competitor.

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