New Kindle 3D Unveiled on ‘The View’

Amazon's marketing department goofed today, and this mistake is quite amusing.Amazon bought some promo time on The View, a daytime talk show. The plan was to show off the Kindle Touch, but things didn't quite work out. Someone forgot to brief the tech guy adequately, and several times during this segment he calls the ebook reader the Kindle 3D. I've listened to the clip several times, and he really does call it the Kindle 3D. The person who tipped me to this also wears that's what he said.I have the clip embedded after the break. You can see the "new" Kindle at about 3 minutes in. Trust me, that's just the Kindle Touch.

I would have liked to do a whole post speculating about the Kindle 3D, but on further thought I decided not to participate in the gag. It's funny enough just the way it is. Part of the reason why I'm laughing is that the guy is gushing about a new not yet released product that everyone has had for over a month. And he's getting details wrong.  The combination makes me giggle.

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  1. It’s a simple slip of the tongue… He meant 3G, as he also mentiones that (at the part about Paris).

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