$99 IdolPad to Get Android 4.0 in May

Last week I brought you news of the iDolPad, a $99 Android tablet. I still haven't put my hands on it, but the specs and demo video posted by the builder showed a decent looking tablet with a 7" screen. Today that cheap tablet just got a lot better.Idolian just announced that they were working on a new firmware for the iDolPad. Round about May they are planning to update this tablet to Android 4.0. They also plan to release 4.0 updates for their other tablets, too.

It's shipping with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and that's pretty decent. I've used it on a number of tablets, and it's  significant improvement over its predecessors. Still, I'm looking forward to  Android 4.0.

I've got a 4.0 tablet on my desk at the moment. It's the Skypad Alpha 2, and it's been running a beta release for the past couple weeks. I see  number of features that I like, including the taskbar long the bottom of the screen, the "recent apps" menu option, and a generally more tablet friendly interface. Fewer menus cover the entire screen, nd with ICS it's a lot easier to do bsic things like turning on the Wifi without having to leave an app. (You might snicker at that, but Android is chock full of annoying little hindrances like that.)


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  1. I bought 5 of these tablets DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!
    1 out of 5 still work, 2 wont charge, 1 the screen looks all 8 bit when the screen works and the other fell apart in my hands. When I got them 2 of the chargers were non functional. When I first got them they worked really well, they got really hot when you played games, music or videos on them. Within a month they started to fail one by one. The Iview 760tpc’s have faired much better other than the occasional wifi glitches and the upgrade to ics is out NOW

  2. Well, promises made but never kept are the sign of a bad business…I have one of these pads and they are horrible….wont charge through micro-usb….won’t hold battery charge….keeps turning off …won’t stay connected to Wifi…and now the company is not releasing 4.0?—-horrible business…stay away!

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