The Morning Coffee – 8 May 2012

Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • 7 Internet Words You’ve Been Mispronouncing Like “GIF” (Slacktory)
  • Amazon vs. Publishers: The Book Battle Continues (Businessweek)
  • Ben Elowitz: Content Is No Longer King - Ben Elowitz (AllThingsD)
  • iPad E-Reading Market Share Stagnates as Tablet E-Reading Rises (Digital Book World)
  • Is There a New Type of eBook Piracy?  ('Tween You and Me)
  • Facebook Social Readers Are All Collapsing (BuzzFeed)
  • Decline Of Reader Apps Likely Due To News Feed Changes, Shows Facebook Controls The Traffic Faucet (TechCrunch)


'Tween You and Me: Is There a New Type of eBook Piracy?

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