The Morning Coffee – 29 June 2012

Here are a few posts to read this morning.

  • 50 Shades of Not Enough (FutureBook)
  • CreateSpace’s New Royalty Payment Terms In Effect (GalleyCat)

  • Impermanent paper: The Book that Can’t Wait and Agrippa (TeleRead)
  • A Step-By-Step Guide to U.S. Copyright Registration for Self-Publishers (MediaShift)
  • Why is Cool Gus Publishing switching from Lightning Source to CreateSpace? (Bob Mayer's Blog)
  • WSJ: Amazon, Nook, Kobo Watch E-Book Readers and Learn (Digital Book World)
  • About Nate Hoffelder (10607 Articles)
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    3 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 29 June 2012

    1. I see Amazon has found yet another way to shaft authors. Charging $8 to write a check for royalties. I wonder what happens if 2 years down the road an author still hasn’t earned the minimum $100 in royalties that is required before Amazon will write a check for $92. Does Amazon get to keep the royalties and earn investment income on the money forever? How many ways can Amazon find to ask authors to bend over? I’m sure as time progresses, we’ll find out how creative Amazon can be.

      • That’s not unusual. Many online services charge a fee to send you a check. They’d much rather do an account transfer.

        • But I’ll bet it wasn’t in the original contract or if it was, it was worded that Amazon reserrves the right to impose fees in the future. Sneaky is sneaky. And even if the fee is “reasonable”, you haven’t addressed what happens if the author’s royalty never reaches the minimum threshold.

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