New Kobo eReaders Now Available in Some Stores in UK and Canada

Kobo is still showing their new ereaders as "coming soon" on their website but apparently the gadgets have already arrived at some of Kobo's retail partners.

There are early reports from this blog's readers as well as MobileRead Forums that WHSmith, Chapters, and Indigo all have the ereaders in stock. All 3 stores are also lacking the Kobo's new Android tablet, the Kobo Arc, but readers can buy the Kobo Mini at prices starting at £60 and $79 CAD. The Kobo Glo is priced at £100 and $129CAD.

Curiously enough, neither ereader (nor the ARC) is even listed on the websites for Walmart, Target, Whitcoulls (NZ), or BookWorld (Australia). This incomplete roll out is odd but not unexpected from Kobo.

Hopefully it will be corrected within the week, thought that will likely not affect the Kobo Arc. This Android tablet is going to be delayed by several weeks due to a recent upgrade to the amount of storage. Rather than ship the Arc with a paltry 8GB and 16 GB of storage, Kobo plans to ship the Arc as 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.

If you have not seen the Kobo Arc yet, here is a hands on video.

Thanks, Alex!

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