Hands On With the Yotaphone (Video)

yotaphne hands onWhen this dual sided smartphone was announced yesterday all we had to go on was a few product renders showing what Yota wanted us to believe it looked like. We didn't really know what the real gadget looked like, but today that changes.

Mike Cane just gave me a link to the first hands-on video for the Yotaphone. It stars the head of software development at Yota Devices, and you get to see him put the phone through its paces.

The video was only shot at 360p, so there's not that much in the way of fine detail. But I did catch that the prototype is using FBReader for a reading app, which is a rather curious detail.

That is one of the few apps which had already been modified to run on a dual screen device. There is a version which had been customized for the Spring Design Alex after that ereader was launched in Russia. It seems likely that whichever developer who added that hack to FBReader also got to play with this smartphone, the lucky dog.

7 thoughts on “Hands On With the Yotaphone (Video)

  1. “…the prototype is using FBReader for a reading app, which is a rather curious detail.”
    More like a major feature, especially if the TTS module is available.

  2. Here’s the most comprehensive article on the Yota Phone with about 40 minutes total of hands-on video.

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