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Free Android App: Frog on Ice

51-G9YVrNAL[1]Frog on Ice

Plop, a misplaced frog that finds himself in a frozen world, needs to get through five levels of ice-cold enemies to defeat the Evil Ice Wizard. Plop, the hero for frogs everywhere, uses his sticky tongue to slide across the ice, grab onto icicles, and attack enemies, all while collecting coins and power-ups. Avoid falling into the freezing water and dodge attacks from the Ice Wizard’s henchmen, or Plop will face a cold, bitter end.

  • 3-D Characters and environment
  • Unique game play
  • Fast-paced action
  • Side-scrolling adventure

List Price: $ 0.99

Price: $ 1.99

Minimum Android Required: 2.0.1

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