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B&N Nook is On Sale – All Models

Barnes & Noble is having such stellar success with their ereaders and media devices that you can find all of them on sale today - on image[1] That's right; you can find the Nook HD, Nook HD+, Nook Glow, and Nook Touch for $10 to $20 off retail. Some colors are in short supply but if you're not too picky you can get a very sweet deal. Of course then you will be stuck with a device that is locked down and designed to discourage you from buying content elsewhere, but you can't have everything.

Tip: Skip the Nook Tablet and Nook Color in new condition and get them as factory refurbs instead. Better value, I think.

In case you were wondering, I'm not posting these links to bash B&N. I wanted to give you an idea of just how bad the supply situation is:

Barnes & Noble has so many unsold ereaders that every Tom, Dick, and Stanley third party seller on Amazon is carrying them. I'm sure you recall that B&N wrote off $80 million in unsold Nook hardware last week, so the fact that B&N's gadgets are going unsold probably comes as no surprise. But I think the multitude of sellers on drive the point home better than any statistic from a press release.

I mean, you can even get a Nook HD+ for $20 off retail. That is virtually unheard of for what is supposed to be the flagship gadget for a name brand. The last time I saw deals like on brand new hardware this was right before HP killed off the TouchPad.

Yes, it is that bad.

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23 Comments on B&N Nook is On Sale – All Models

  1. Why are they doing this as opposed to just having a sale in their own stores? I know they’re having one with the Nook HD+, but they don’t seem to be doing it with the other models.

  2. B&N didn’t sell it to these sellers. The sock was sold to a distributor who is letting these sellers carry the stock.

  3. I don’t really understand your answer. I meant why does it benefit B&N to sell the stock to a distributor rather than trying to sell it off themselves?

  4. Because if they sell it to a distributor they get money. If they don’t, the Nooks sit in a warehouse not making any money and cost money for storing them and whatever else is associated with that.

  5. Or these people/company bought stock when various retailers had the Nook on sale or closeout. The NST has been on sale as low as $39.99, 49.00 and 59.00 recently. The Nook HD+ was $199.00 at Staples.
    Also, the flea market business is popular place for bargain resellers.

  6. Right. Quick upfront cash.
    It was either that or a payday loan.

  7. Correct.

    B&N is definitely losing a lot of money on each of the Nook device sold to a distributor but at least they are no longer in B&N’s warehouse.

  8. The Nook, all versions, is one of the easiest of all locked-down devices to root. It boots from the SD card first, which means that if you root using the SD card, you don’t have to touch the internal OS if you don’t want to.
    The hardware is great. A really solid little tablet in all its permutations, well designed and it sits well in the hand.
    So if you’re prepared to experiment, what you can have, for a bargain price, is a fully functional Android tablet.

  9. Or you could spend the same amount of money and get a real Android tablet – no hacking required.

  10. AFAIK, no one else is doing 8.9″ with a Retina-class screen. The only 8.9″ ever was from Samsung and they killed it within a year. And, no Retina.

  11. I’m only seeing 5 sellers for the HD+ and the discounts aren’t so great that I’d wait for shipping versus popping over to B&N to get it NOW for $16 or so more.

  12. BN should have given them away and tried to make money on low-overhead content. Too late for that, I suppose.

  13. I really wish Barnes & Noble would just close their doors and go out of business. They need to be put out of their misery because frankly I’m tired of reading how bad they are doing. The Nook is a poor product and people aren’t buying it and their stores are performing poorly in sales as well. I’m ready for all the smaller indie bookstores to come back!

  14. That would be 9in, no?
    FireHD is the one at 8.9 “retina”-class. šŸ˜‰

  15. Did the $50 kickback expire?

  16. The Nook hardware is decent and the software is competent.
    It is the top level policy-setters who are running running it into the ground.
    Neither B&N nor Nook Media are lost causes.

  17. I’ve heard these 3rd party seller listings are very profitable for Amazon. So ironically, Amazon is probably going to make more money selling Nooks this quarter than B&N.


  18. Did you bother to go to B&N?

    1920 x 1280 pixel resolution
    256 PPI (pixels per inch)

    And I see they’re calling it 9 inches. Bah! Could have sworn original coverage said 8.9″.

  19. No. Who the hell wants it? You have to have plastic to use it. And they’ll be killing all those non-Nookbook stores before year’s end if they have any damn sense. I’d rather have another Staples $199 price.

  20. The nearest B&N closed a while back. But I fondled the HD+ at the local OfficeMax. Very nice screen–very light reader. And the extra tenth of an inch made a biiiiigg diference… :)

  21. “And the extra tenth of an inch made a biiiiigg diferenceā€¦”
    …0.1 extra inches AND an extra 2 PPI. Since I have no B&N less than 60 miles away, I went to my local Office Depot (future home of Office Office!) to see the new HD device. Unfortunately, the Nook display was rather shabby and displayed an extremely non-functional HD Nook. On the other hand, the Kindle HD display was very nice and fully functional. I pressed “play” on a high def version of “Lord of the Rings” and was impressed with the picture and sound quality. Since I was familiar with the specs already, it didn’t take much for me to “One Click” when the $30 sale started a couple days after that. I’m very pleased with it.

  22. Did they change the activation process for Nooks?
    Last I heard you needed plastic to get past the TOS…

    Anyway $25/50 of stuff you’d be buying anyway beats $10/20, no?
    Wouldn’t be surprised if B&N launched the kickback to purposefully undercut their liquidator partners. Because that is how they roll, no?

  23. You can skip the OOBE, AFAIK, if you don’t have plastic. I wouldn’t be buying from them. Their app store is pathetic and why would I waste my time with them when all their online stores are bound to be gone by year’s end? I’d be interested in eBooks, but you need plastic for those. Those idiots!

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