The Mornng Coffee – 3 May 2013

cat_face_exam.png[1]Here are a few stories to read this morning.


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  1. Ahhh, how many spaces after a period?  The debate rages on!  But what it really comes down to is age of the typist, and, whether that typist learned entirely on his own vs. by formal instruction.  I am an old fart.  I learned to type in an unaircomditioned sophomore summer-school classroom on a giant manual typewriter with so much space between the keys that my sweaty fingers would often skId off the keys and become lodged deep in the machinery.  I had scratch marks on the back of my fingers from having to pull them out during time trials……   but I digress.  

    We were taught to type 2 spaces after a period (or .”) at the end of the sentence.  When you learn this way, it becomes hardwired in your cerebellum FOREVER– when my right 4th finger hits that period key, my right thumb will do a double-thump on the space bar.  I’m sure they teach FBI and CIA analysts to look for this pattern in order to guess the age and education level of the writer.  And yes, I DO think it looks better to double space, but that has nothing to do with why I continue to double space– I type very fast, and my work involves a lot of typing every day– I couldn’t change now no matter how hard I might try.  So I do ask that the young who have never typed on a keyboard that wasn’t electronically linked to a computer, or did not learn with a style manual specifying a double space, don’t tell me and  my fellow old farts that we are “wrong.”  Tell your children “that’s what they taught children to do when you grandma was young (sigh, she can’t help it).”  We will die out eventually.

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