The Morning Coffee – 9 May 2013

tumblr_mk1e5enrKS1qd206po1_1280[1]Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Could we scrap DRM? (The Age)
  • “Fair use” takes center stage at Google Books appeal (paidContent)
  • Get your cat on: BuzzFeed creates new section where readers can publish (paidContent)
  • Google Framed As Data-Hogging Book Stealer In New Documentary (TechCrunch)
  • Publishing 101 - Money (Leigh Ann Kopans, YA Author)
  • Why Intel’s “How Strong is Your Password?” site can’t be trusted (Ars Technica)

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4 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 9 May 2013

  1. Nice link to the Google “Documentary” report.
    And the use of biased advocacy films as “documentaries” to demonize companies grows ever more popular. The Michael Moore legacy.
    If it keeps up, the very word documentary will become synonymous with “hatchet job”.

    We may need a new word for proper, balanced factual movies.

    • Actually the Amazon documentary was not wrong. I made the mistake of relying on articles that used a press release as their sole source.

      • I wasn’t speaking specifically about that one.

        Just the trend in general, from the Michael Moore projects throught the Swiftboating of John Kerry to the anti-MacDonalds, anti-Apple, anti-this, anti-that…

        Look around, there’s dozens of those “true-life exposes” floating around in books and film.
        Especially the latter.
        (Remember the “Faked moon landing”? The alien authopsy? The assorted 9/11 conspiracy movies?)

        Digital tech has made film-making cheaper but instead of more Joss Whedon-style “weekend specials” (Like his Much Ado About nothing or Doctor Horrible’s Sing-along-blog) we get a horde of mean-spirit, idiotic misinformation that the masses, as ever two paradigms behind the times, then goes on to take as gospel truth.

        It’s only going to get worse, too.

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