Where is That Update for the Nook Touch?

Nook_Touch[1]Techcrunch circulated a rumor a couple weeks ago that Nook Media was going to release an update for the Nook Touch. According to their source, the update was supposed to add an improved ebookstore as well as an email client and a web browser.It's now 11 June, and the update was supposed to have started rolling out on the first of the month. Has anyone received it yet?

I can't find any sign that the update has been sent out. It's not mentioned on the B&N website, and I have not found anyone who reported having installed it.

So far as I can tell this rumor was fiction. Told you so:

The reason I disbelieve this rumor is that Nook Media has shown every sign that they no longer wanted to sell ereaders. That is my explanation for adding Google Play, an update which changed the Nook HD from an enhanced ereader into an Android tablet. That is a marked difference from this rumored update which would turn the Nook Touch from an ereader into an ereader plus.

I also think Nook Media passed on using the 6.8? screen, and don’t forget that Nook Media’s current pricing policy suggests that they are clearing out existing Nook hardware at a loss. In fact, several retail partners no longer carry the Nook Touch or Nook Glow.

If Nook Media is getting rid of Nook ereader hardware then does it really make sense for them to invest time and money in a new firmware update for a soon-to-be dead device? And we’re talking about a 2 year old device, at that.

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  1. Richard Devine // 4 June, 2013 at 2:35 pm // Reply

    My Nook Simple Touch is installing some kind of update as we speak…

  2. Richard Devine // 4 June, 2013 at 2:39 pm // Reply

    Alas…not the kind of update we were ‘promised’

  3. I “updated” my Nook simple touch with NookManager (aka noogie) and have had my web browsing mode and e-mail at the expense of voiding my warranty 😉

  4. Now is the time for BN to release the full (I mean ALL) source code for Nook Touch (and all other Nooks)!

  5. I can’t say when (and whether, for sure) this update will come, but you’re missing a key component of BN’s announcement. They specifically said that they will continue to develop and sell their own e-Ink Nooks because that’s the devices the “hard core” eBook readers use.

    • First, this post was written before the latest B&N quarterly statement, at a time when it was unlikely that B&N would release the update.

      Even though B&N has said that they plan to continue developing E-ink Nooks, that doesn’t prove they will release the rumored update. I don’t think they will, and in any case the rumor has been proven false.

  6. Really now, just noogie your nst already. Get the whole bang shoot – not just the browser and email.

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